"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hair Update : My First Bun

Blessings and love sisters!!

I pray you are all having a wonderfully blessed Sunday.

Today has been truly an awesome day and I give God all the glory for it : it was total African Praise Sunday. 

Oh my was it awesome! God has been truly good and there is surely "joy and pleasures forever more..." (Psalms 16 : 11).

I wore a Yoruba attire but since I didn't have a head tie (igélé) to go with the look, I quickly decided to do my hair. Though I'd planned on trying a bun, I didn't really know I would be able to do it.

A few bobby pins and some minutes later, I was done and I had a cute bun!

I remember trying to do a bun a few months ago but not being able to because of length, now I can fully rock my bun! Oh and yes, this is an old twist out (day 4) and my hair was only partially stretched, that is, I'd worn two big flat twists to bed last night.

To achieve this look, I used a band to put my hair in a puff then I just rolled, tucked and pinned!

Easy as pie!

This style can easily be enhanced with a simple flower or band!

Of course by the end of the day, some strands were beginning to be undone but that could be avoided by  securing al the strands tightly while doing the style.

Do you wear buns? How do you do your bun? 



  1. Nice bun yayy for length! I love buns it's my go-to hairstyle. I've never tried to do a bun with bobby pins I have to try it soon!


  2. Nice Bun sis. Your hair is growing nicely!!!

  3. @ Precious : Thanks hun!!

    @ Tinuke : Thank you!!

  4. congratulations! Ca fait plaisir non?? ! :)

  5. oui oui ma soeur!! MERCI BCP!

  6. Cute! I love buns. Cinnabuns (check out YouTube for a tutorial) are my go-to bun. I also wear buns like yours in this post. I recently did a sock bun and loved it.

  7. Thanks sis!! Thanks for the tip too :)


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