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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hair Update : Fairy Knots...


Blessings and love ladies!!

It's nearly 4 in the morning over here as I write this post but I felt I had to [vent] and tell you whats's going on.

While doing some studying, I started playing with my hair, that's actually in Frostoppa's inspired braided roots twists and I just started noticing...

single strand knots, also known as fairy knots (because they are so small, it's like a fairy knotted them).

I was like okay...

but then, I decided to inspect the twists by unraveling them a bit and wow I was like...WHAT?!?!

Ladies, I got me some knots!!

I am so annoyed because I never really had a problem with them...sure I had a few but now, in so short a period I've developped a number of them!

I am really annoyed...did I mention this? Please don't fail to remember it.

After thinking and rethinking....I realized what might be the cause :

● out styles

● not washing in small enough sections

● not being careful to moisturize each strand properly

● not protective styling

● not apply butter/oil to hair after washing

Ladies, this is such an annoying situation cause...you all know I'm a protective style person. I love me my protective styles, but when summer rolled back, I figured I'd wear my hair out more often and all...you know...experiment and have fun. In the process, I didn't take enough precautions...
Another thing is, my hair is getting longer and thicker...this means 

● it's harder to wash in the 4 sections I've been washing it in for months...
● it's harder to detangle...
● it's harder to moisturize it properly without doing so in sections
● it's harder to apply anything to it properly without doing it in small sections...

So now, I got myself into a knotty situation. If you still don't know what I am talking about, check out this post by the lovely Loo of Healthy Hair and Body (by the way, if you have not checked her blog out yet...then you're missing out) .

So what am I going to do you ask?

cut them off : yes. I am going to the shops early tomorrow to get me some shears and I am cutting the knots off. Yes, I know I am on a length challenge, thank you for reminding me ladies but I prefer healthy hair that will last than hair that is prone to breakage and damage. So, knots cannot be kept you ask? Umm...no. That was the dream I woke up from a few moments ago. To prove this to you, I found a strand of hair that not only had a single strand knot but also looked like it had undergone a lot of tension at the knotted site...it was all saggy and thin neat the knot...this means...leaving your knots in is only postponing them for a later date and with it, damage! If you leave in the knots, this can cause split ends, more knots and a huge mess!
So breathe, pick up your scissors and cut them off!

review my hair regimen : yes. I was actually already doing that [my new summer regimen did not last long at all...it had too many flaws I cannot go into now] before I came to the realization that I had knots. After I come up with one, I am thinking of also going on a protective styling challenge. You saw that coming right? Well sisters, it's best to stick to what you do best. I am now freaked out to even wear twist outs if a few weeks of out styles gave me knots (and lack of proper care of course).
Remember, I am on a growth challenge and apart from this, I dislike going backwards for anything. Knots = cutting = loosing hard earned length. 
This is one equation I don't want to be writing out.

Right now...

I am still pretty annoyed but you should know that :

● knots are inevitable but their number can be controlled however, it is not abnormal to not have them at all [if you don't, keep doing what you're ]. A few at a time is normal but a head full of them should raise questions.

● you don't have to cut off 2 inches or so of your hair because you have knots...I still don't believe in trimming heathy strands...rather apply the "search and destroy" method and cut out the knots alone and any other problematic strand

● "wash n go"s make your hair much more prone to knots but protective styling, styles that stretch the hair and proper moisturizing keeps them at bay

Okay so, what am I going to do when God wakes me up to tomorrow?

● by the grace of God, I am getting shears 

● cutting the knots

● having a long think about how to radically change up my hair regimen for the better
 ● washing my hair

● possibly posting a YT video is God wills

● more studying...

I hope that helped somebody and i't certainly helped me realize that when on an healthy hair journey, you've got to be on guard and do what's best for your hair regardless of your habits or whatever. Let this be a lesson to us all...take 100% care of your lovely head of hair!!
20%, 60% or even 90% care is not enough...

Thank you beauties for sitting through that...

Do you get/have fairy knots? If so how do you combat the situation?



  1. Hi!!! Well as a natural for seven years... the fairies has always been and issue for me. I use to do a wash and conditioning of my hair every two weeks. I know that fairy knots are annoying, but I try not to get to carried away. I am on a length challenge right now so I studying my hair for a month to get the proper regimen down so I can as extensions to my protective styling again. I will do a section of hair each week and do the "seek and destroy" method If I had a hair stylist that I trusted I would have them do it, but I haven't been to one for about a year or more. So I wish you many blessings on your hair journey, and please pray for me because I don't feel like fighting the fairies....but I must do it for the sake of world....bhahahaha peace!!!

  2. As my hair has gotten longer I've noticed more fairy knots. Some times I search and destroy clipping them and split ends, but I've come to the conclusion that my hair is very curly, and will curl on itself causing the knots, there is nothing I can do about it lol

  3. Nice post. I also find some single strand knots in my hair once in a while, but like you said they are nearly inevitable ... I now wash my hair in six sections, no longer four, and I find that my knots have decreased. The smaller sections of hair you can focus on, the better! :)

  4. Thanks. Your venting turned to be very informative for a not so new natural but a novice to taking care of my hair. Blessings and Love!

  5. @ KOOKY LADIBABY : LOL!! Thank you sis!! Yes, the seek and destroy method seems like the best thing to do.Many blessings to you too!! Praying your hair journey goes smoothly and you attain the length you are looking for :D

    @ LaNeshe : lol yes sis, you are right. We can only do our best. I believe we shoudn't stress over nothing but when we do see them, we should cut them off.

    @ Precious : Thanks hun!! Yes you are right, the smaller the sections the better!!

    @ Emme : LOL! I'm glad it was of help :D Much blessings and love to oyu too sis!

  6. Sounds like a knotty situation :) I can "SEE" you handled it well. Lol. I congratulate you on your determination!

    Tell the World

  7. Great attitude sis:)
    Wearing "out styles" is very tempting during the summer. I did it a few times and had knots too. At least you know what's causing them and you can get back on the right track.

  8. @ Tinuke : Thank you sis!! :D You are right, it's too tempting! The best thing is to do what's best for our hair! I've learnt my lesson now and will only be wearing protective styles more than out "out styles" and when I wear the "out styles" it'll be with a lot of precaution!


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