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- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hair Update : Bantu Knot Outs - It's Been A While

Blessings and love beauties!!

Another quick update...

Yesterday, after washing my hair, I put in some bantu knots...

Quite frankly, it's been months since I've worn bantu knot outs! 

I remember how I used to get a curly fro with my bantu knot outs in my TWA days...

I didn't really know what to expect on my not so TWA other than some curls and mild shrinkage...
but when I took out knots I was quite pleased!!

I do like the look, in fact a lot and I think I've stumbled upon a staple hair style!

I'm a sucker for almost anything (especially a hairstyle) old school-looking!

I am also quite amazed at how many compliments I got...I mean they weren't so many but more than usual for me on one day.

It's an easy style really!
A few minutes, 2 pins and one accessory and bam!

I am putting up the tutorial on YouTube so you can check it out.
I've also already put up the video on How I Do My Bantu Knots.
I will be trying to improve on the style and I'll be updating you!

Do you wear bantu knots? If so how often and in what style?



  1. It is cute! Now I want to experiment! SN: You always look so happy in your pics, love it!

  2. Thanks Kiianah!! Please do experiment and tell us how it goes!! SN: lol that's a first!! I just simply love the flashing of the camera lol jk!
    I guess I'm just so thankful to God He made me like He did...and never in a thousand years would i have thought our hair could be beautiful...
    Thanks sis :D

  3. Right now I have one side braided and the hair I have left out I put it in Bantu knots:)

  4. That sounds gorgeous sis!! Any pics??

  5. Your hair looks really great! I wear bantu knot outs sometimes, but not too often because English weather is so two-faced no hairstyle lasts too long :D I usually wear my bantu knots in a puff but I might try it in a different style next time as your turned out really nice. Thanks for sharing this and God bless!

  6. I really like this! It's simply GORGEOUSE! You look amazing! And the oldschool look suits you soo much! T'es vraiment chou!

  7. Tried this last night but as I told you, my permed hair was too damp! and didn't put gel. Will do it again!!! :)

  8. Hey sis!! Thanks sis!! We will be working on that ;D

  9. @ Serenity Spot : THank you sis!! Yes, I understand what you mean...It's a pleasure sis! Please keep us updated on how it goes! God bless you too!

  10. I think this is my favorite style on your, super cute! Flirty and demure!

  11. @ The Retro Natural : Thank you so much sis!! :D


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