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Monday, August 1, 2011

Aspiring Natural Diva : N'na

Blessings and love beauties!

It is a pleasure to present to you this month's Queen. In fact, she the very first Aspiring Natural to be featured and I am so thankful to her for taking her time to share with us! She is a beautiful, intelligent woman that loves living a healthy life, an entrepreneur and much more! Not only that but she has so much to share and I strongly admire her charisma, joy for life and ever present warmth!

1. What is your name? Use a few lines to describe yourself and what you do in life.
My name is N’nako, I go by N’na. I am a gift and stationery Designer and I am a blogger.
I love reading and learning new things, decorating, photography, gardening, designing and giving cards and gifts. I love enjoying simple moments and I am passionate about good health, natural things and living a quality life. That’s why my blog www.goodhealthdiva.blogspot.com is called Better Body Better Life the Natural Way.

2. Why did you decide to go natural? Was there a particular event that made you decide?
I decided to go natural out of curiosity since my mom been natural for the past few years and her hair tuned so nicely and she hint that me having healthier hair it would be interesting to see what mine would actually look Iike. I am not very passionate about natural hair as some are but I just felt like it could be interesting to make a change and at least give it a try and see if that’s something that would work for me! I felt like I have nothing to lose in any way and that unless I tried I would never know how much I like or don’t like it!
I actually talk about it in the following article on my blog: http://goodhealthdiva.blogspot.com/2011/03/i-am-coming-out-call-to-naturals.html

3. Did you transition?
- if so, how long and how did you manage your hair during this period?
- if not, why not?
I am actually transitioning. I have been doing it since the later part of 2010.

4. What were the reactions around you? Did you have support while transitioning (if you did)?
My twin sister is natural and my mom has been natural for the past 4 years so I have ad a lot of encouragement from them.

5. How did you handle those reactions? 
Well for now there’s not much to handle, people are shocked to know that I am transitioning, some put some pressure for me to Big Chop, but it’s my hair so I can only do what I will be happy with. I went natural for me not for anyone and a Big Chop is out of the question so it will take the time it will take and that’s all there is to it!

6. What is your basic hair regimen?
To be honest I do not have a regimen except for deep conditioning every other week and getting them done at the salon. I occasionally do my hair but that’s after I go swimming or have exercised intensely but I prefer to get them done at a salon at least every two weeks but sometimes I go to the salon every week!

7. What are your favorite products? 
I love oil and use them for my body and my hair. I use olive oil and coconut oil every day but I don’t have a favorite commercial product. But I oil my hair every time I shampoo and deep condition it myself and I just let the oil dry and that’s it.

8. What are your favorite hair styles?
My style depends on my mood. I love my hair curly for the simple convenience it offers me when I work out but when I go out to any special event I love the polish look of straight hair with just a few curls.

9. What are the three things you love the most about natural hair, and why?
Well first of all I love the idea of being chemical free and I love to see how diverse and versatile it looks on others. I do not have three things that I love. But the one thing I do not love when I see it on some people it’s how it looks neglected and messy and just plain sloppy. But to be honest it’s not natural hair it’s how the person wears them because some people look a mess too with their weaves or relaxer. I just don’t like seeing people with a sloppy appearance!
10. What are the three things you like the least about natural hair?
 I don’t have three things just one here I do not love when I see it on some people it’s how it looks neglected and messy and just plain sloppy. But to be honest it’s not natural hair it’s how the person wear them because some people look a mess too with their weaves or relaxer. I just don’t like seeing people with a sloppy appearance!

11. Do you have any natural hair inspirations?
No not really! I see some I like and that’s it I just like it and move on but nothing I hold deeply as my focus but I did research some people with natural hair and found that quite a few celebrities had natural hair so it was good to see.

12. If you had to choose 1 person that really helped you through your journey so far, who would it be?
My friend Shoney, she’s a hairdresser and I always call her every time I have some questions she has been a great help!

13. Is anyone else close to you natural?
My mom is natural, my twin sister is natural and a few girls at the salon where I go are naturals too.

14. What would you say to someone who is thinking of going natural?
I will say go for it but take care of your hair I am not passionate about the whole natural hair movement as some call it but I am passionate about health and just like I would advise people to care about their body I would also advise people to care about their hair. We need to take pride in our body and if our hair is to be our crown then we have to keep in mind that the crown should be healthy and beautiful.

15. What do you know/have now and wish you'd known/had before going natural?
Nothing special since I am still transitioning, but I wish I had done it sooner! I am simply grateful to now have so many resources at my fingertips and I am grateful to the people guiding me and answering so patiently my numerous questions.

16. Did you make any major mistakes concerning your hair care? If so what was it?
Nope! I have always taken good care of my hair so thankfully so far so good I have no mistakes to my account when it comes to my hair. They are so healthy that everywhere I go people can’t help touching and complimenting them.

17. In one word, describe how your journey has been so far.
Wow, my journey has been peaceful so far but it’s been enriching because I have learned more than I expected and I have made some fantastic friends.

18. Do you have any regrets? Is there a chance you might perm your hair again?
This I really don’t know yet! I have never had a problem with perms my hair have always handled them very well unlike some people who lost their hair or who suffered great damages due to perms. So I don’t know yet if I will go back to perm or not since my hair did fine with perms. I might stick to natural hair though we will see. My one concern is to always be able to have a neat and polished image so as long as I can get it with my natural hair I am fine.

19. Where can you be reached? (Youtube channel, blog, twitter, facebook etc.)
There’s a Youtube channel that people can subscribe to, it’s GOODHEALTHDIVA, same for twitter and Facebook. They can Like and check the Facebook page Goodhealthdiva. My blog address is www.goodhealthdiva.blogspot.com and it’s loaded with very informative post on various topics relating to health and wellness including natural hair care, face masks, recipes…

20. Please add at least one word to complete the phrases :

"I am inquisitive
"I love to share"
"I think my hair is fabulous"
"I think the world is worth exploring"
“One moment is not enough to explore
"I like order"
"We could all get along if some were humble
"I want to go to Bali
"I wish I were living on a tropical island"
"My hair is simply healthy and strong

Thank you so much N'na for taking time out to share your story! We wish you nothing but success on your natural hair journey! I hope you have all enjoyed N'na's story and have been encouraged as well as inspired! Don't forget to visit her blog here!



  1. Gorgeous, congrats girlie on your transition! Thank for sharing sis!

  2. Hey Sis! How are you?Thanks again for featuring me on your blog! Hope all is well with you!

  3. @ Kiki : It's a pleasure sis!

    @ N'na : All's well, thank you! It's a pleasure sis!! Thank you for sharing!


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