"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Fab : Love YOUrself!

Blessings and love sisters!!

I have decided to launch this new feature, What's Fab? with a topic that concerns all of us.

There is just something fabulous about a person that truly, honestly loves him or herself. I'm not talking about the obsessive, narcissistic love or anything of the sort but I am talking about genuine acceptance of one's existence, characters and other details.
It's so amazing...you see it in the way that person carry him or herself, in the way the talk, laugh and even react to certain situations.

To me, anyone who loves themselves like they are and accepts their person...Now I'm not saying that if you have a bad habit or major attitude it's okay as long as you love yourself, not at but rather...a inner calm, love and peace, concerning one's faults and best; accepting their loves, likes, ideas and thoughts...accepting one's unique self...That's fab!  

In this decadent age we live in, it's not the time to start feeling sorry for yourself or hating you because somebody says or said you do not fit in or because you are different. It's time to stand up, heads high and embrace your differences whatever they are. From physical looks to your most inner thoughts. Only you know, but it's time to embrace who you really are. It's time to be true to yourself.

I am not talking about the wind blown past or a past time or even stories heard, I am talking about me, I am talking about what I have experienced.
Growing up, low self esteem was my closest friend and you know how cruel she can be. I didn't fit in. There, I said it. If you knew me, you might just agree. I mean, I really tried to be like others, but I couldn't. I was always too slow, too nice and too shy. I tried to be as out going as the popular girls but couldn't be. I tried to be as informed as the music lovers but always lagged behind. I tried to be as funny as the class clowns but failed. I constantly compared myself to the rest, trying to be the best but not knowing I was only the best when I was at my best. It seems funny now but looking back, it seems like such a crooked road and I start asking myself how I even made it through (I would not have without Jesus). It didn't end at physical looks or the way I dressed, it went on to the way I thought and even my principles!
Can you imagine? I was comparing my values to the values of others! I was asking myself why I didn't think like that person or...
It was a vicious cycle.

These days, the devil sill tries to pull that same old string cause you see, he really has no new tricks. He tries to make me see how better others are to me and how fabulous and popular and great and funny they are! But I have come to a stage in my life where that isn't going to work anymore. 
I am fab because I am me.

I have come to accept my way of thinking, my weird habits and others...I have come to accept that I do somethings in certain ways and that I need to improve in other ways, that in some areas of my life, the Father is not pleased with me and that I need His grace to change...I have come to accept it all...

I am...what am I? I laugh, I really laugh now as I think about it...

I am a lover. I love it all! I love and sometimes want to just hold some people in love and squeeze them till the beg for mercy. I love and appreciate. I try to take nothing for granted. 
I truly do love. Maybe too easily. Maybe that's why some people take advantage, others push me aside. It's a 'dog eat dog' world right? But not for me. I love, I just do. 
I laugh. I can laugh so hard sometimes it's annoying. 
I joke though sometimes it's lame. 
I play pranks and  love a good laugh! I might not be funny but I'll still tell that joke.

I live. I live to the...oh yeah right, I'm still working on that one. Living it to the fullest...
I talk. I might not have much to say, and I am certainly not as informed as the average woman but I still talk. Inside of me burns pressing issues, urgent matters of the world and the Spiritual so much that sometimes when I open my mouth to speak, they all spill out in.. 
I am childish in so many ways. I do not really try to hide this. I have grown in maturity, a whole lot and think like a woman but I love my childish ways if I my say.

I think, not too much but I really wonder and ponder about a lot of things. I differ from the average. Oh...how I do...There are a lot of topics I dare to disagree of agree on...There are standards I set and believe in...There are a lot of values and virtues I believe in but most of the time, I find myself to be alone when talking about such things..
I pray. God, Father, teach me to pray harder! 
I want a lot of things but can I have heaven first?
I feel pain, yes, even the next sister's r brother's pain. It hurts to see and know through another's eyes and story...though I am not him or her...within seconds of telling...I have already become them.
I am not the average woman, no, not even the average Black woman...I am not even madam know it all or miss popular...I don't think so, or even anywhere near it...but I will not apologize for who I am..no...not anymore. This is me. 

Hi, my name is Funbi and I have no apologies to give you.

I am sometimes shy, sometimes blunt, sometimes loud, sometimes not but this is it. It gets better though because I am still learning everyday to be better, to be at my best!

You don't have to have a million dollars or euros to be fabulous because it's not the material things that makes us it's what's on the inside!

Next time you look in the mirror, or sit next to a fab brother or sister in the bus, train, metro or plane, don't forget to say "you are fab!"


Stay blessed and keep it funky



  1. THANK YOU!!!This is such a wonderful post to start Friday morning with :)I struggle with wanting to fit in, to be accepted every day..so its a blessing to see someone stand up proudly and say 'I am Fab because I am me'!

  2. LOVE this post sis! I love getting to know you ladies a little better and I can see we have a lot in common. There is nothing wrong with embracing your inner child either because that is me! I think like a woman, pay my bills like a woman but sometimes I get giddy over the smallest things and sometimes I want to run down the street for no reason, or pull a prank on someone in the office, lol! Thanks for sharing this, awesome post!

    "Rockin’ it Napptural"!

  3. @ CocoaChick : I thank God this post has been a blessing to you sis!!! I understand what you mean and I am glad to know you know you are fab just the way you are!

    @ Kiki : I know what you mean about getting to know each other better sis!! Though we cannot see face to face...it doesn't mean we cannot get to know each other!! YAY to the children in us! LOL at running down the street for no reason! I so relate!!

    It's a pleasure ladies, glory be to God! Many thanks for all your love!

  4. I know this post is old but I want to say thank you, it was great and interesting to read!


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