"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weight Loss : June Update


Hey ladies!

Here I am, back again, with my weight loss update.

It's been a loose month. When I say "loose" I mean, not so great, health wise. 

I've been studying for exams for some time now and last month, I was just not really being careful about the things I put in my mouth. Of course, I still did the daily exercise routine, which is walking and climbing the stairs.

The thing is that, when I study, I always feel the need for a blood sugar rush. Most of the time, I do deal with this with fruits, dried fruits, and healthy snack bars but a few times during this past week, I have found myself indulging in some caloric sugar snacks. 

So when I climbed on the scale a few days ago, I was not expecting any weight loss if not maybe, even weight gain.


I found out I have lost about 0.5 kilo, that is 1.1 lbs. I am happy but I know I can do better, much better.

I still have all the habits I've learnt so far during this healthy body journey but I feel there is still more to do and I really want to find a way to study and eat healthy! I still watch what and how I eat and exercise at every given chance but I believe it's time to go the extra mile!

As usual, I want to take time out to encourage all those that are on a similar journey. Do not give up, do not relent but rather know that the only way to achieve your goals is the way forward! Stay encouraged, hang around people who encourage you, do your research, stay empowered!

I also want to take this time out to congratulate Precious of Joie de Vie  for all her amazing progress!! YOU GO GIRL!! Keep up the good job!! Please if you have not yet checked out he amazing blog, you better get to it! Join her own her weight loss journey and you'll be inspired!

Watch out for my 6 Months Weight Loss Update video coming soon ;)

Stay blessed and keep it funky sisters!



  1. We all get tempted to consume things we know we shouldn't but still, congrats! Keep it up trying to be health conscious and I'm sure the loss will continue! Can't wait for your update vid!


  2. Thanks sis! Congrats to you too!!


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