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- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Skin Care : New Skin Care Regimen


Going natural didn't only affect the way I took care of my hair, but also how I looked after my skin. In fact, going natural has made me aware of so many things I cannot even begin to list and thrive for a more healthy lifestyle, inside out. Now I'm not just rocking natural hair, I'm going natural all the way and living it, the natural and healthy way.

About a month ago, I started a new skin care regimen and it's been going great so far. When I started being more aware of the ingredients in my hair care products, I also started to do the same thing for my skin care products, most of which did nothing (if not dry it out) for my skin. Little by little, I started ditching my products and right now, everything I use it made by me, excluding my black soap, and a hundred percent natural. And I also noticed that just like I'd never really taken care of my hair before going natural, I was not taking care of my skin at all. Our skin is just as beautiful as our hair and deserves  that much attention. A glowing skin is a skin that is taken care of and looked after regularly. Though this sounds like a lot of hard work it actually isn't and you certainly don't need to buy a thousand and one products to achieve this. Getting, healthy glowing skin, can be just as easy as ABC.

So, here's the new skin care regimen I'm starting with :

Make Up Removal : Whenever I wear make up, I use some warm milk  (warmed in the microwave for a few seconds) to first cleanse my face. I do this by dabbing a cotton pad in the milk and using it to clean my face. I use about two tbsp. I am working on my own cleansing milk that includes coconut milk (I'll keep you all updated).
After that, I use my oil mix to cleanse my face by putting some of the mix on my fingers and then rubbing it on my face; I massage my face for about a minute or so, making sure the oil penetrates my pores. After doing this, I wipe the oil off my face with a cotton pad.
I then rinse my face with warm water to really open up my pores and then I scrub my face with some of my Dudu Osun black soap and my West African sponge. This removes the rest of the dirt. 
I rinse with warm water then with cold water. 
To finish, after drying my face with a towel, I apply some of my very own toner to my face  with a cotton pad.
My face feels so clean and moisturized.

Daily Regimen : When I do not wear make up, at night, I wash my face with my Dudu Osun black soap with my West African sponge and apply my toner to finish. I also do this every single morning but I use my body butter after drying with a towel.

Special Days : Once every week, when I am not wearing make up, I do the oil cleansing method before washing my face with the black soap. 
Twice every week, I exfoliate my face with my homemade body scrub before washing with my black soap.
Once every week, I do a full body scrub. I only use my body butter to moisturize my skin.

That's about it for now. Please feel free to follow me on this healthier, natural skin journey!!

What is your skin care regimen? What are your tips on make up removal and getting overall healthy, glowing skin?



  1. Twice a day, I wash my face with honey, tone with a green tea/tea tree oil mix and moisturize with an aloe vera/glycerin mix.

    I use black soap to cleanse my body and follow with shealoe to moisturize. On ocassion I exfoliate with a sugar/EVOO scrub.

    It works great and keeps my dry skin clear, moisturized and happy.

  2. wow sis, that sounds great!! How do you use honey to wash your face? Thanks for sharing sis!!


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