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- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love Your Black : Dark Skin

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

Blessings and love everyone!!

I'm back with a topic that is very very relevant in our times.

I've decided to start this new topic with the subject of Dark vs. Light and the basis of this talk with be the new Dark Skin trailer.

Now, I know many of you have already seen this video and some have said we should just forget matters like this but I think it's time we addressed it. One of the biggest problems we have as African descent people (I am going to be using that word instead of Black) is that we bury most of our issues and try to act as if they are not there. The truth of the matter is, MANY MANY women are still fighting with this dark skin vs. light skin dilemma!! So many young women are brought to think they are ugly and better as light, I mean I know women that have bleached their skins because they thought light is beautiful!!
So NO, I will not pretend all's well. NOW is the time to stand up and address the issue!

As I watched this trailer, [that I had been reluctant to watch in the first place, simply because, as I said, we love to bury our heads in the sand] I felt my heart tremble.
It hurt.
Yes it did. I felt the pain of these women and though I had not been told I was ugly and better of lighter in my youth, I grew up around some people that aspired to be lighter and that thought it better!

So why do thousands and thousands of women aspire to be light, bleach and the darker ladies told to be ugly because of their skin?

I cannot exactly say from whence it came but I believe it has something to do with all the years of segregation, racism and so on.

Right now, we are the ones inflicting all that hate on ourselves!!
 Enough is enough!! 
It's time to stop blaming slavery and the rest for all this hate and own up!! Slavery ended nearly nearly 200 years ago yet we are still enslaved in our thinking.

This is the bitter truth of the matter.

If you hate your brother or sister, or think they are ugly because of their dark skin, then you are inflicting the same hate and rejection that was suffered by slaves all those years ago.

Now, there's the media and all their views on beauty. This is another source of all this self hate. Everyday, I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY, we see the world's definition of beauty : light skin, long straight hair etc. It's all over the place, the movies, adverts, T.V shows, magazines, etc.
It's just crazy sometimes.
But the real problem with the media is that most women actually try to trim themselves according to these standards!

Is there a way out?


There is certainly a way out.

It's time to stand up and love ourselves for who we really are. With the dark dark skin, with the kins, coils and curls!!

It's time to teach our sons and daughters that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, it's time to teach them to appreciate the beauty of the black woman. If we do not teach them this and if we do not love ourselves, the media certainly will not!

One of the women in the video spoke about how non African descent people found her beautiful, but not us, her own kind.

Tragic right?

It seems like we are our own enemies.

This shouldn't be so.

I am against skin bleaching and do not believe or endorse it at all!

God made us beautiful.

When we bleach, do you know what we're trying to say? We are trying to say, "God, you didn't make me well enough, I'll just make a few changes and then I'll be good."

All this dark skin and light skin junk is a system. We need to take the systems out of our minds.
I, by the very amazing grace of GOD have taken every binding system of this world out of my mind. As long as we fill do not love ourselves and desire to live and be according to other people's standards, we will never be happy. We cannot function properly, according to the will of God, with all these systems in our head.

I truly pray, with all my heart for the emancipation and empowering of African descent women all over the world!
This is the 21st century and I believe it's time we stand up and start to manifest the FULL glory God has placed upon each and everyone of us!

Now I am a dark skinned woman, chocolate caramel maybe, but I don't care. I love my skin. I have seen many because of it, experienced lots and heard a number of things because of my things.

But guess what?

I don't care.

So called celebrities might bleach, look lighter on T.V and be praised for it but it doesn't even make me blink or my heart beat any faster.
This is who I am and this is who I'm gonna be, by the grace of God.

All I desire is to glorify God, through my being whether I am tagged dark or black by the world.

Please sisters, share your thoughts and your love as always.



  1. Preach!! I hate this light/dark stuff. Our society is mostly defined by European standards and so the closer to European you look the more beautiful you are considered to be! It's utter nonsense and it's wishful thinking to hope it just goes away because the issue is so deeply rooted in all of us but we can help by showering our children and younger population with praises about the beautiful skin they are in. This can help them so much. Their esteems are just developing and they believe and take to heart more things than you will believe. When the media is telling them that they are not beautiful and their friends and family are too then it becomes a harsh reality for them. But if us as their friends and their families tell them that they are indeed beautiful, it can hopefully make them disregard what society says about their beauty.


  2. I could not WAIT until you posted this sis, and you could not have made a better argument. Remember the "black doll/white doll" test? That was nothing new, they did those years ago but the sad thing is that today in 2011, we are STILL having this issue! And as you can see, it begins as children. We see whites, straight hair, etc. glorified in the media, in print, black women glorifying straight weaves but yet we want to tell our little girls to accept and love themselves just as they are. Naw, little girls (and boys) may be young but they can still SEE and if you tell them one thing but show them differently... well, then telling them that they are beautiful as God made them simply falls on death ears. I too, am against skin bleaching as well and I've seen some really, REALLY nasty pictures of women in other countries who PERMANENTLY disfigure themselves just because they want to look like what they see on television, what they think is the norm for blacks in America. This is really sad and although I know it won't end with just 1 person standing up, it can definitely cause others to stand as well. As a people, we have so much strength and ability but we allow society to tell us differently, and we accept it. If we have enough power to petition, write letters and flood emails inboxes to bring a television show back (The Game) then hello!!!! That shows you how powerful and convincing we can be toward the media when we stand up and stop being so passive.

    Sorry for being longwinded sis. ;)

  3. @ Precious : You are right. Only we can make the difference. It is time we stopped looking to the media to teach our kids.

    @ Kiki : You are right! We have such amazing power as a people, but rather we use them for the vain things instead of what is really important. I believe if we stand up together and embrace ourselves as we are, the media will have to change their idea of beauty. What's more, it is in vain to tell a child he or she is beautiful and that child sees you bleaching and insult your own God given hair!

    May God help us!
    Thank you so much ladies for your valuable input, I really appreciate it :)


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