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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hair Update : Rhassoul Clay Weekend


Blessings and love beautiful ladies!!

Yes, been gone a few days now...but I have repented :)

Moving to my hair...as I mentioned on two posts ago, I've just been wearing it in puffs after taking out my twists and by the time it was wash day, it really needed a treat.

So in the quest to treat my hair to some much needed moisture and nutrients, I decided to try something new :

a rhassoul clay mask

I've a number of things about rhassoul clay according to the testimony of other naturals and research, it has nothing but good things for our hair. To start with, rhassoul clay is a dull green clay (sometimes dull brown) found in Morocco and is also known as ghassoul clay or Moroccan Lava clay.

Here are a few ways in which rhassoul clay benefits the hair :

● strengthens
● cleanses profoundly (especially good for sisters who don't use shampoo or do not shampoo often)
● moisturizes
● enhances volume
● gets rid of dandruff

Here's what I did :

I mixed 1 part of rhassoul clay with 3 1/3 of coconut cream. I then mixed together to get a thick paste. I applied it all over my hair, from the roots to the very ends and covered with a plastic cap. I waited for about one hour before rinsing. 
I used it as a prepoo and did everything else after washing it out.

Here are my results :

● hair felt strong
● hair felt soft
● hair was moisturized
● hair felt clean (but not stripped at all)

Generally, I am very pleased with my experience with rhassoul clay. I do believe it's something that needs to be integrated into a hair regimen to get long lasting and more evident results. Please note that I used it before shampooing. Normally, you don't need to shampoo after using rhassoul, in fact, it's known for it's deep cleansing. So if you want to take a break from your shampoo, try rhassoul clay!
Thumbs up to rhassoul clay! 

Have you used rhassoul clay? If so, how did you use it, when and with what?



  1. Nice to hear your positive results. I have been wanting to incorporate the clay into my regimen. Where did you buy your clay?

  2. I'm definetelyy gonna try this!

  3. @ Shalea : Hey sis!! Yes please do try it! I ordered it online. I don't live in the States but I got it in ww.waroma-zone.com

    @ Mrslidya : yes please do sis and tell us how it goes ;)


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