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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hair Update : My Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Experience Take Two


Blessings and love!!

Remember I tried the apple cider vinegar rinse the other day? 

Well, I tried it again but I did it at the very end of all the washing  instead of in between.

What I did :

● I kept the same apple cider vinegar/water ratio I used the last time. 
● I mixed them both in a bowl and rinse my hair in portions with the mix. 
● I also poured the rest over my scalp.
● I let my hair stop dripping wet before proceeding to style

Results :

● The immediate results were also obvious this time
● The smell was not a problem
● My hair felt soft and strengthened though it didn't feel as soft as the first time. I believe it has something to do with the treatment done before applying the apple cider vinegar. 

To conclude, for now, what I can gather is that, though apple cider vinegar softens the hair, eliminates build up and certainly strengthens and shines the hair, it's effects are also maximized by the type of treatments done before application.
Please note, the first time I had done a rhassoul clay treatment then shampooed before using it. The second time, I did a prepoo, shampooed and conditioned... 
So therefore, apple cider vinegar has great benefits but it's effects can be enhanced by a really good treatment prior to application.

NOTE : Avoid getting the apple cider vinegar in your eyes because it really stings!!

What do you think? Is there a difference when you use it in between treatments or after? Do you see a difference when you use it after some treatments and other less effective treatments?



  1. It does make my hair shiny, soft and curly without any pre treatment

  2. Ah, okay sis! I just can't help but think it's effects a re maximized after a god pre treat.

  3. It makes me hair easier to detangle after I shampoo, I tend to do a 1/3 ACV and 2/3 water and I've been applying it to my hair before rinsing out the shampoo lately. It seems to work alright! :)

  4. AH! Yes, I also think I prefer it after shampooing! Thanks for sharing sis!!


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