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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair Update : My Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Experience


Being a natural for more than a year now, I've heard quite a lot about apple cider vinegar. The first few times I read about it, I thought I would never try it myself...Well, that was until I read Kiianah's great post on hard water and hair breakage (big thank you to Kiianah for that very informative post!!). That was what really got me.
The main reason I decided to try it, as you could have guessed by now, is to get rid of hard water breakage...I seriously did not have any further hopes for it other than that!

Here are a few things apple cider vinegar does to the hair

● Removed hard water build up

● Improved manageability

● Closes the cuticles

● Stops itchy scalp

● Adds shine

● Balances pH level of hair

Here's what I did :

After prepooing on wash day, I applied a mix of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 part water (please always remember to dilute it! Apple cider vinegar is very acidic, too acidic even for our hair!) to my hair in sections. This mix is enough for neck to shoulder length hair. I used my hand to apply the mix but and it was okay but I believe it would be easier to use a spray bottle.

Here are my results :

● Added shine

● My hair felt mega soft

● Added a lot of shine

● My hair strands felt smooth and silky

● My hair strands felt stronger

● My hair felt really clean

● Did not shrink my strands, in fact, it sort of did a bit of the opposite

● No tangles! (my hair didn't start forming tangles)

I was really impressed by the immediate results I got! I did follow up the rinse with a shampoo session but I really believe this is not necessary at all. In fact, I think the rinse is best at the very end of all the washing and conditioning. I also believe it really did remove hard water build up because my hair felt so much lighter and moisturized!!

So I can hereby say that apple cider vinegar is has not been over-rated!!
It not only cleanses and it's acidity helps balance the hair pH which helps with moisture retention because the cuticles are sleeked down!

I truly loved the results I got and though I only used it once, I believe this is a keeper and I highly recommend this, not only for naturals experiencing hard water buildup but every diva that would love a new addition to their hair regimen on their quest for healthy hair.

Here are a few reasons to use apple cider vinegar (according to me)

● very cheap

● you can get it anywhere

● easy to use

● quick

● does what it should do

A quick tip is : try keeping your apple cider vinegar from direct sunlight but rather in a cool dark place because it is sensitive to light.

Another thing is, apart from benefiting the hair, apple cider vinegar is also known to help with weight loose. Though I have never experimented with it on this level, there are many testimonies about this (will do some more research).

I will be trying it again and I will definitely be keeping you updated ;)

Have you used apple cider vinegar on your hair? If so, what were your results? How and when did you use it? Do you have any tips to using it?



  1. AWESOME!!! See, you've been sleeping on the ACV rinse sis, I KNEW you would love it! I was sold the very first time I tried it and the immediate results...yep, haven't found anything that at least feels like it's working that doggone fast!

  2. Lol yea!! Amazed at how FAST it worked!! You are right, this stuff is really something else!!

  3. Great review! I really want to try this! Do you know if lemon juice would work the same, as it is acidic as well? I think that's all I've got in my cupboard haha!


  4. Thanks Precious!! You should totally go for it! Lemon juice does not exactly have the same effect, in fact, it doesn't at all. Lemon juice (the citric acid in it) is also acidic, but only good to regulate the pH in products. Lemon juice lightens the hair and is cleanses scalp but when it comes to our hair, is not so great because it really pulls out excess oil in the hair so it's generally only good for oily hair. I would advice you to just go for the apple cider vinegar because they do two different things.


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