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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hair Update : Dry Chunky Twist - Out Attempt

Blessings and love!!

So yesterday, I decided to try something new :

twists on dry hair a.k.a dry twist out.

I'd actually never tried this before but always damped my hair with moisturizer before twisting my hair. I decided to try this because I didn't want to have to wait for the twists to dry on the next day before taking them out since taking out twists before they dry is the fastest way to ruin a good twist out.

Here's what I did :

● I moisturized my way in the morning and by the time I wanted to twist at night, they were at least 99% dry (my hair was clean - it was wash day the day before)

● I sectioned my hair in dry sections big enough for chunky twists and applied a very small amount of my homemade gel to each section ( I had at least 15 twists in all)

● then applied my Shea-Coco OMO OGO Naturals Hair Butter and detangled a bit by massaging the strands (please note that I don't use combs)

● I finished by twisting tightly (not too tightly)

Here are the results :

● I took down the twists today and my hair was mega defined

● shiny

● great hold without any crunchiness 

● moisturized and soft

Taking down the twists :

● To take down the twists, I didn't use anything, I just carefully undid them. 

● I parted them and was careful not to mess up the twists

● I fluffed a bit

● added a head band flower to spice up the look and created a side parting instead of using the middle part and I was good to go!!

I am really loving this look! 
I do have to say that I did not have to add the gel because I've had mega defined twist outs too with just the Shea-Coco OMO OGO Naturals Hair Butter alone while twisting on damp hair. I only used the gel for moisture since it's water based because  I did not want to use my daily spritz and get my hair wet in anyway. 

Frankly, now, I really prefer dry twists, mainly for the reason that there is less chance of ruining a twist out by taking them out too early, which is the case with twist outs on wet/damp hair.

To maintain my twist, which I plan on doing for at least a week, I am going to be loosely rolling my hair in two sections by rolling and pinning. It's kind of like the roll and tuck method but this is a very loose one to keep the twists in tact and protect them even as I go to bed. 

I am not going to be moisturizing until I really need to, so as to avoid shrinkage, frizzing and undoing loosening the twist outs, that is why I had made sure to moisturize as much as possible before twisting.

Another piece of information is that, this is the very first time I am wearing a twist out as it is!! I have done twist outs in the past but never worn them out, I just wear an updo with them! I have never worn them like this, hanging!! 
One of the reason being I have just never been able to shape them properly without having to ruin the definition and another thing is, not twisting in the right direction, with the right size and with the right intensity.

So I am telling you that I am totally loving this look!!
It's nice to let my hair hang for a change ;)

Which one do you prefer? Dry twist outs or twist outs on wet/damp hair? How do you achieve your look?



  1. Twist-outs on dry or just slightly damp hair are my preference.

  2. I used to rock my chunky fro like that! chunky fro's were a fav of mine for a long time :) I agree, I like a twist out on dry hair, it tends to follow my instructions a little better lol!

  3. Oh I love how it came out!! I've only done twist-outs on dry hair but I think I should try damp hair sometime!


  4. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments!!

    @ LaNeshe : They are also my preference.

    @ The Retro Natural : Oh yes, I also love chunky twist outs and fros. lol yes, I totally agree! Dry twist outs are more obedient!

    @ Precious : Thanks sis! Both are great I just prefer how dry twist outs respond better.

    @ Abi Tobi : Thanks!!


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