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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fro Talk With Chantal!

I have the uttermost honor to introduce to you this month's host for Fro Talk! She is a young, confident, outstanding natural sister with a lot to say!


1.    What is your name, age, gender and nationality? (if you have a blog, a twitter/facebook account or youtube channel, please add it)

My name is Chantal Fuentes. I have 17yrs of wisdom, I’m a wonderfully empowered female and I’m from Panamanian/Black/Irish/Cherokee descent my blog is:foreveryoungforeverstupid.blogspot.com please follow!! **I’m new to this whole blogging thing**

2.       Do you have natural hair/transitioning/thinking of going natural?

I’m natural and a henna head. As of 8th grade but my hair was constantly in braids from then until my junior year. I am now a senior about to graduate (with honors!!)

3. What is your experience with natural hair?

There aren’t a lot of natural kids in my high school but the natural hair population is present! My family is slowly becoming natural. Two of my aunts are natural, my uncle has dreads and my cousin is newly natural. Most people react positively towards my ‘tamer’ hairstyles such as two strand twists or updos but my afros get a lot of negative attention. I get a lot of “It’s time for a perm isn’t it?” and strange look. Most people I come into contact with admire my hair but feel the need to tell me that their hair isn’t as “good” as mine so they could never go natural. It’s very infuriating being the face of natural hair for those I come into contact with and trying to debunk the myth of good hair.

4. What is your opinion towards natural hair?

I think natural hair in all forms possesses a beauty that seems to permeate every aspect of a natural person. At first glance, it’s an almost imperceptible confidence and allure about embracing yourself fully and not relying on society’s perceptions of what your hair should be like. Natural hair gives you options and the freedom to use your imagination and put your individuality on display for the world to see.

5. What do you think about the growing natural hair community?

I think it’s great that more people are embracing their natural hair, especially women. I truly believe the social stigmas surrounding hair can be eliminated with more knowledgeable information. And with more people with firsthand knowledge on what it is to be natural, it would seem inevitable that their family and friends learn more too.

6. Please choose at least 2 statements to develop (a paragraph or a few lines is fine) and argument:

"Perms are dangerous" mixed with a little "Natural hair is not sexy"

Well, well, well. For starters, perms aren’t just dangerous they’re torture devices. There’s something so very wrong with the whole process. Let’s examine this a little bit closer. You start to see your ‘naps’ showing and there’s some automatic switch in your head, along with not-so-sly comments from permed friends, that says it’s about that time again. So you grease your edges with Vaseline and hope you won’t burn your scalp because you’ll definitely be feeling it once you start to wash it; and after you got the chemically hazardous ‘creamy crack’ out of your hair, that disgusting scent of burnt hair still stays on your hair. A few weeks later the process starts all over again. I’m assuming that during that few weeks or however often the hair gets permed, you feel the need to burn your hair further with flat/curling irons or possibly strip your hair of essential oils and whatnot to get that perfect hair color for the summer time, all the while not really paying attention to the dead ends or the continuously brittle hair. The slow degradation of your self esteem is just….I can’t even word it correctly. *Insert personal experience* I used to feel so worthless when I would see people with long, straight, hair knowing I couldn’t even grow my hair past my shoulders. My self-worth was going down the toilet while I was faithfully using the creamy crack every time I saw my roots showing. I used to hate getting perms/relaxers but I would withstand the scalp burns and smell just to have the faint possibility of growing my hair. Can you say detrimental? When I transitioned into my natural hair, those worries no longer existed. I’m not going to lie, I sometimes catch the hair envy bug but it always passes and makes me want to strive to have healthier, thicker hair. I now have the confidence to embrace what God gave me naturally and stop fighting a social norm that wasn’t mine to accept anyways. And because I’m comfortable with myself, it makes me a sexy, confident individual and everyone that knows me can see that. So yes natural hair is sexy.

7. Would you be attracted to someone from the opposite gender wearing natural hair?

I most definitely would. I am absolutely in love with natural hair in any shape or form.

8. What would you do/say if your partner suddenly went natural without consulting you?

It wasn’t my decision to make and if that persons happy so am I. I would be the person to do something like that lol I don’t usually consult my partners on any changes I do. I think self expression isn’t something you should have to consult with someone else about.

9. What are your views on "beauty" and "self-esteem" and the general image of women that is being portrayed these days by the media, music industry, Hollywood, etc?

I am completely abhorred by the way women are treated in the media especially the music industry. It’s hard enough being a young black woman in the 21st century but now I have to deal with the completely warped views of young black men AND women thanks to their completely unrealistic ideas of what roles they should play in their relationships and society in general…in other words it’s ridiculous. I could probably talk all day about the negative ways women are portrayed in music videos and song lyrics or even how young males quickly embrace the value of quick money or the more lucrative college route…smh

10. What are your thoughts about the way men perceive women with natural hair (please answer the question even if you are a man)

Hmmm I mean when it’s come to my dating relationships it never really came into question. My hair was a part of me, that just so happened to increase my appeal. I think the fact that I take pride in my appearance in general is a more determining factor than my hair itself.

11. What would you say to any woman thinking of going natural but is very afraid?

You never know until you try it. If you’re willing to tough it out and find out more about yourself and how you view the world, you’re in for a very rewarding experience. Hey, if you don’t like it…there’s always a box of relaxer in a Walmart or beauty supply store lol

12. What does a woman's hair say about her? (please try to speak out of experience i.e. people you've met and interacted with)

I think hair is very diverse. No two women will always wear their hair the same. A woman’s hair speaks to her confidence and how she feels about herself. Natural or not, you can tell when someone takes pride in their hair. I know my mom for example, would never be caught without a weave. No matter if her hair was dangerously thin or brittle. But she’s learning now that it’s not about how her hair appears to others it’s about the health and treatment of hair, and even though she still weaves it up, she has more knowledge about what her hair needs and the confidence and fearlessness to try a new weaving technique herself and not rely on a stylist.

13. Do you think wearing an afro is suitable for this time and age or only suitable for certain places and circumstances (please say which ones and why)

Well I may be biased because I think big hair in general is the best thing since sliced bread. Once again it goes back to self expression I don’t think someone should be able to tell you what professional is or what is ‘out of date’. Then again I’m only 17 and haven’t had a chance to experience in the workplace discrimination against natural hair. Afros are definitely one of those styles I would rock any place, any time. They’re just so VERSATILE *mental sigh*

14. Finally, what hair style do you love the most on the opposite gender?
DREADS. Ohmigosh I just love to see a guy with a head full of maintained locs. But in all honesty I love locs on any gender but I think men with dreads are smexy ;)

Thank you so much Chantal for taking your time to share with us! I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have and that you have also learnt a thing or two!  Be sure to check Chantal's new blog out here

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Stay blessed and keep it funky sisters!



  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I love her points and all of her answers. You go ahead Chantal because you are simply gorgeous! I can relate to this post in so many ways. Thanks so much for sharing sis!

  2. I agree with you sis!! I can also definitely relate to Chantal's point of view. and It's totally a pleasure! :D


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