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- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yoruba Word Of The Week : Oyin


Oyin is the Yoruba word for honey.

I love this word and it's one of those words I just love to savor in Yoruba because I think they sound sweeter and feel deeper!

The word oyin is used to describe everything from the sweet, viscous liquid we love to eat, to a situation, a person and even a feeling.

The word oyin is deep, so deep it seems to surpass it's English counterpart. Oyin reminds me of wild taste buds, succulent times, explosive feelings, good old times...lazy afternoons on the couch...

...anything sweeter than this, than Oyin is heaven.

Stay blessed and keep it funky sisters!!



  1. Can you say oyin to someone like we say honey to someone in English?
    Is it possible to put your yoruba words each time in a small yoruba sentence. I want to learn a little bit about the language, and you help me with this. So, thanks.

  2. Hi smiley! Honey in English in the same sense as Sweety. In Yoruba, people don't really call people OYIN rather they use it to describe a situation, or something and sometimes even a person. To say something like MY SWEETY in Yoruba, it's best to say, "ADUN MI". ADUN is the word for sweet (you can check it out at the Yoruba word of the week topic link).
    You are very welcome! I am glad I could be of help and that you are benefitting from this!! Thank you for your suggestion!! I will definitely try my best to put it to practice!
    God bless!


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