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Saturday, May 28, 2011

OMO OGO Naturals : Sneak Peak At The Shea-Cocoa Hair Butter

Greetings Queens!

It's a few days now but I've been working through the books...you know ;]

This is just a quick update and a sneak peak at one of my upcoming OMO OGO Naturals products.

Remember I said I twisted my hair on my last Hair Update post? Well, I did. I did medium twists and used my daily spritz before applying my very own Hair Butter!!

I normally do not do twist outs but when I undid the twists two days later, I quickly fell in love with the results!

Here are the pictures :

This Hair Butter is certainly a great twisting butter and it leaves the hair moisturized (locks in moisture) and soft. It also gives a healthy shine to the hair without weighing it down.

Do share you thoughts and love!

Stay blessed and keep it funky sisters!!



  1. Oooh loving your twist-out! Looks so soft! I just did a twist-out on my mini twists but I'm loving chunkier twist-outs since mine looks like a weave lol.


  2. Lol @Precious! Both of you ladies' twists came out very nicely! Funbi, I cannot wait to get my hands on these goodies and yes, your hair is looking soft and wait, it that a bit of shine and luster I see!! Yummy!

  3. Beautiful twist out! Your product really has a great hold!

  4. @ Precious : Thanks sis!! Your twist out looks great!

    @ Kiki : Thank you Kiianah!

    @ Ms-gg : Thanks sis!!

    @ LaNeshe : Thank you so much!

  5. Lovley twist out!

  6. Your hair looks well defined and shiny!!!
    Hmm, I am loving this butter already.


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