"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Sunday, May 22, 2011

OMO OGO Naturals : How It All Started

Hello ladies, I pray you are all enjoying this weekend and taking advantage of the warm weather.

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to be launching my own hair and body car line, by the grace of God!
Yes, OMO OGO Naturals will be up and running very soon.
It still seems like a dream to me, even at this hour when everything is moving into place. In fact, to tell you the truth, this all started as a joke at first...Here's how it all started:

When I finally cut of the rest of my permed ends after deciding to let my God -given hair grow and stop the relaxing for the second time, I suddenly found myself on a very frustrating, time consuming, confusing and tiring journey.

I loved being natural, please never get me wrong but, it seemed like it was impossible for me to stay natural. Not only was I totally clueless at how to take care of my hair but I could not seem to find the products that worked.

I did research, I watched YouTube videos, watched and read product reviews but these products only seemed good and great for other naturals not for me...Most of the products were doing nothing for my hair...It got so bad, because I was still finding it hard to take care of my hair and to find the right products, I started experiencing serious breakage and very dry hair.

This went on until I decided to finally try making my own things.
It started from deep conditioning treatments, then it went on to protein treatments and even hair butters and oils. I started researching different types of ingredients and learning about what is really in mainstream hair products.
I was shocked at what I found and most of it left me disgusted. I was appalled and before I knew it became a ingredient label reader. I mean I read everything and little by little, I started understanding every ingredient and their uses and this made me realize most of what was being sold out there could not do the job I want them to for my hair because they didn't contain the right ingredients or at least not enough of it.

I played around with a few recipes and started buying, raw, fresh natural ingredients. At first, for everyone around me, this was a big joke. They sniggered at the thought of me making my own hair care products and thought it was a new phase I was soon going to get over. Well, I also didn't really believe in what I was doing, all I knew was, I needed to make products that suited my hair!
I continued making these products and improving on them at every time with every opportunity I got and as I grew in knowledge they got better and before I knew it, my hair was getting better and I was using nothing else but my products. 
The things I found about mainstream products also made me stop buying anything for my skin. I started trying to make my own body care and was repulsed at some of the products being sold out there. 
Before I knew it, I was making products for my sister, then my mother then pretty much the whole family.
I loved making my products, not only because I knew exactly what I was putting in my hair and on my skin but also because of the satisfaction my family members were getting from it.

The idea to make my own hair and body care line came to me but I didn't think it was something that would happen anytime soon, in fact, I saw it a maybe far far away in the future possibility.
But I believe God works in wondrous ways.

Here I am today, and everything is falling into place.

I love making my own products and long to venture further. I believe it is essential to stay informed and not let anyone use our ignorance against us. 

OMO OGO Naturals is dedicated to supplying the modern day woman with high quality products made with the finest natural ingredients, in a mission to educate, emancipate while meeting your body and hair care needs.

OMO OGO is from the Yoruba language, a tribe in West Africa from which I originate. OMO means CHILD and OGO is the word for GLORY.
I am a child of glory, through Jesus Christ, God's son and I believe we all are children of glory.
 What's more, as women, our hair is our crowning glory and even our different skins can radiate a glorious aurora. 

THANK YOU ALL for your support and love!!!

GOD BLESS you all richly!



  1. Congratulations! Your followers in Blogland look forward to seeing/using your new product/s. LOVE that God has inspired you from within to move forth with this rewarding venture.

  2. Very well said....you are blessed and I am so proud of you!

  3. @ Shalea : Thanks sis for the support and love!!

    @ Funmi : Many, many thanks sis for the love!!

  4. I'm so excited for you! The derivation of the name is beautiful as well!


  5. I'm excited! Do you know (approximately) what your price range will be?

  6. Whoo hoo, I cannot wait to get my hands on these products sis!

  7. @ Precious : Thank you so much sis for the love and encouragement. I really appreciate it!

    @ CocoaChick : Thanks sis!! I'm still doing the calculations but you beautiful ladies will be the first to know ;)

    @ Kiki : Thanks sis!!


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