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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fro Talk With FunTó!

Hi ladies!!

I am so so excited to present to you this month's Fro Talk host! She is a wonderfully inspirational, funny, determined woman of God who is very, very dear to my heart and she is also my very own baby sister! And...she is actually the first non natural diva to share their thought on this blog!


1. What is your name, age, gender and nationality? (if you have a blog, a twitter/facebook account or youtube channel, please add it)
My name's Titi Funtó. I'm from Nigeria. I'm a 19 year old lady :) 
 The blog will be coming up soon, by God's grace.

2. Do you have natural hair/transitioning/thinking of going natural?


3. What is your experience with natural hair?

- Is someone you know natural?
- If you are natural, what are the responses you've got so far?
- Do you live in a city (or town) where there are a lot of natural men/women?
- What are some reactions you've noticed towards natural hair?

My sister (Funbi's) is natural!!!! LOL. She's doing some great stuff with all her research (including this blog) and it's been so much insight to me and to all those around her. God bless you sis! Love you!
I live in a city where not a lot of people are natural and those who are natural tend to hide their natural hair under some weave or something of the sort. Actually, I barely know any black person who actually takes care of their hair and actually have healthy hair.
The general reaction to natural hair is quite good. But it really depends on the people, their age, mentality...etc. Of course when people aren't used to seeing natural hair the first few times they do they think it's kinda weird or at least different. But when they finally get their head around it, they end up LOVING it and envying those with natural hair. 

4. What is your opinion towards natural hair?


Honestly, I love natural hair. I really do. I love the feel, the way it looks and what you can do with it. But what I can't stand is people that go natural and leave their hair looking like a complete mess. That just gives such a negative image of natural hair, and I think it's wrong to promote such an image.  

5. What do you think about the growing natural hair community?
I think it’s great. Quite frankly I love diversity! I think it’s cool that we have the choice to be permed or natural. The world is usually very boring when everyone’s into the same thing. So thumbs up to all my ladies out there who are doing amazing things with their natural hair!

I also believe the natural hair community is growing because more and more people are being informed (by blogs like these and youtube videos and many more. Big thank you to all those who actually devote some time to inform and help others). The problem with most black people and their hair…or let me put it this way, the reason most black people have problems with their hair is because they are simply uniformed or misinformed. I’ve heard people say things like ‘black hair is not supposed to grow and that’s why it doesn’t grow’ and funny enough when I was little, I believed it! In short, I’ve heard all types of things. It doesn’t mean all these people are ignorant, it just means they’re getting their information from the wrong places. And when it comes to natural hair, so many people are as uninformed as it can get! So I guess  blogs and videos made by people that talk about their own experience are actually really making an impact.

6. Please choose at least 2 statements to develop (a paragraph or a few lines is fine) and argument:
"Women can wear permed or natural hair. What matters is the inside"
I really agree with this. I believe your hair does not make you. Your hair is not all you are. Your hair is not you! Your hair is only a part of you. It only describes a little part of your personality, but you CANNOT judge someone by their hair. (I’m not talking about the extreme cases here; I’m strictly talking about perm and natural. A spiky freaky looking Mohawk is a completely different matter).
I seriously think it’s the reason and the motif behind the ‘perm’ or the ‘natural’ hair that matters most. Not the hair itself.
"Getting a perm is modern slavery"
*Sighs* I really hate coming across phrases like these. Seriously. SLAVERY???? In what way???? Okay, the people that say things like these, I can see their view but I don’t understand it. I mean, slavery is in the MIND and NOT the hair.
In the case where someone only ever perms their hair and NEVER want to talk about natural hair, see it, or even admit it exists simply because they somehow feel ashamed of it, yes it is slavery. But the slavery is in the person’s mind and they have built the chains and handcuffs of slavery with their own two hands!
You know, even the ‘getting a perm is modern slavery’ statement shows that the people that say it are still bound in the ‘I’ve got to prove a point and never do what ever the ‘white man’ is doing”  and the “ I’d like to perm my hair but yet again, I don’t want people to think I’m a white wanna be’ mentality. And I believe this is also a form of ‘self-slavery’.
If you’re gonna perm your hair, do it because you believe in perming your hair not because you’re stuck in the ‘beauty only comes in the form of straight hair because my favorite stars all wear straight wigs” mentality. And if you’re gonna go natural, do it because you truly believe you should and not because you want to ‘prove a point’.

7. Would you be attracted to someone from the opposite gender wearing natural hair?
Well, one thing is for sure, I cannot stand it when guys perm their hair. It’s like dude, what are you doing?? It’s just my point of view.

So for sure, I love natural hair on guys.

8. What would you do/say if your partner suddenly went natural without consulting you?
Well, I wouldn’t be mad or anything. At the end of the day it’s his hair and not mine so why should I try to ‘control’ what he does with it? Of course I’d be honored if he thought my opinion in the matter was necessary.

I just think it’s wrong to do something like that without ‘informing’ your partner. You’re not asking for their permission, you’re just informing them.  Little things like that are important in a relationship.

9. What are your views on "beauty" and "self-esteem" and the general image of women that is being portrayed these days by the media, music industry, hollywood, etc.
Once upon a time –not long ago, not at all – all you ever saw on TV and in those (annoying, lame and immoral – just my opinion) music video clips were all the light ladies and all the ones that spent half of their lives’ savings on lightening creams and other ridiculous cosmetics. All you ever saw in the lead roles were the ridiculously skinny and mostly the half-cast.  But I believe now, it’s getting better. I just think it’s a shame that most people out there believe the lighter you are the more beautiful. I know and have seen so many dark –and I mean really dark – ladies that are just super beautiful, I mean just gorgeous! Beauty’s not in the skin color. God wasn’t trying to punish some people when he made them with darker skin. He knew exactly what He was doing. I believe He wanted to show us that beauty comes in all forms!

But the media and all these films and hollywood make some people feel inferior and even ugly. I know of a pretty girl that never really believed she was pretty because she was really dark and this affected her self-esteem. She started using all sorts of cream until she started to see the repercussions. The creams just made her look bad. Her face was patched in different shades and it was hard to know what her real skin really color was. She soon stopped messing about with the creams and with time her face got better. But that just goes to show the effects the media can have.

10. What are your thoughts about the way men perceive women with natural hair (please answer the question even if you are a man)

I don’t really know. I haven’t really heard a guy say what he really thought about it. But I think men that are used to seeing permed ladies might need some time to adjust. 

11. What would you say to any woman thinking of going natural but is very afraid?

Take the bold step! There’s really nothing to be afraid of. I remember two summers ago, when I decided to cut my hair reall short, boy was I scared. The fear will come but its how you deal with it that matters. Fear shouldn’t be something that holds you back otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time in regret. So…JUST GO FOR IT!

12. What does a woman's hair say about her? (please try to speak out of experience i.e. people you've met and interacted with)

I think a woman’s hair mostly says a lot about her creativity and about how daring she is. I mean, when I see a lady with a type of hairstyle I’d barely seen on others I think ‘wow, how original’ but when I see a lady with the same old  weave/braids/twists or whatever I think…boring. Do something nice with your hair, your real hair and don’t hide it under a wig or some extensions. Women that do that (and nothing but that) are just showing me they lack creativity and the boldness it takes to do something different.

13. Do you think wearing an afro is suitable for this time and age or only suitable for certain places and circumstances (please say which ones and why)

You can wear an afro any time. The ‘only wear an afro to a sixties party’ thing is such a cliché. 

14. Finally, what hair style do you love the most on the opposite gender?
A low cut. There’s something about a low cut that just makes a guy look so fresh.

Thank you so much Funtó for taking your time to share with us! I hope you have all enjoyed reading as much as I have.  Though her blog is not ready yet, I can assure you it will be awesome and I will definitely be keeping you all updated about it's development!

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  1. Titi is absolutely right about the information that is now out there about hair maintenance. If you know better, you have to do better. This community being built is so grassroots. Hopefully it will turn into something HUGE!


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