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- Psalms 27 : 1

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Naturally On A Budget : Product Shopping


Every austere, frugal natural diva, or any natural on a budget knows just how important it is to be very careful when it comes to shopping for products. 

As described in this post, you don't have to go broke to go or stay natural, as long as you stay informed and act wisely.

Choosing products to buy is very important for any natural but choosing wisely is key, especially if you are on a budget.
Here are a few tips to save money and still keep your hair looking and feeling fly:

● Go straight to the point : When shopping for products, be sure to know exactly what you want. Do not go  shopping for a daily moisturizing cream and end up buying a moisturizing spritz. Buy what you specifically  need. Don't compromise thinking you can manage with another product because all that is going to cost you is more money.

Do not be enticed : Go to any beauty supply store and observe each product. There are so many marketing strategies being used to entice and get us to buy anything and everything. "Moisturizing", "conditioning", and "medicated" are all adjectives that are used to get us to buy, buy and buy some more! The real truth of the matter is that most of these products are not as good as they sound. It's up to you to inform yourself and check out the ingredients and find out just how "moisturizing" and "conditioning" these products are. Once that is settled, you will never be enticed by bright labels or appealing adjectives.

There is always cheaper : This true, proven and tested (by me). I know there are a number of great products out there that can condition like crazy or give you sick curls etc. But the other truth is that,  most of these products are quite pricey, maybe even too pricey for some. However, something many natural divas do not know is that there are cheaper products that can do the same job (or at least more or less the same thing). Seriously speaking, if you really take time to search and try, you'll find cheaper alternatives that will make you and your hair happy.

Don't jump on bandwagons : I have mentioned this before more than once on this blog and I will continue to do so because a lot of naturals easily find themselves jumping on bandwagons without needing to. You don't have to try every product you've heard or seen a great review on or some mega new product that will give your curls I don't know what. If you do this, what you'll end up doing is buy, buying and buying products you might not end up finishing. Do not get me wrong,  do try and find products you  are comfortable with but once you've got your staples, and you know you are on a budget then stick to what you know.

Apply wisdom : Yes, please do. Try not to buy a product that contains an ingredient your hair does not react well too. Learn from your past experiences and apply what you already know about your hair when buying a product.

That's it for product shopping!

Do share your additions, suggestions, experiences, and love!

Stay blessed and keep it funky sisters!♥♥


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I'll keep these points in mind when shopping in the future.

  2. You are so very welcome sis! It's a pleasure ;)


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