"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, April 4, 2011

Natural Hair ABCs : Long Hair/Short Hair Transition


I remember loving my hair when I first did the BC but yet, it seemed so strange not to have "long hair" to play with or touch or pull back in a pony tail. I loved my God-given hair, that wasn't the issue, what made me insecure at times was just how short my hair was. Now looking back, I realize that the "long hair / short hair" transition is really something that happens mentally and needs to happen to any natural that has wasn't to be able to wear her out after the BC.

I believe the need to have and wear long hair is strongly entwined with today's society. Long hair is beautiful and that's that. In fact, it's best when it's long and straight, that's their definition of beautiful. Having made a choice to go natural hair and to wear it out is a major step, in fact, the boldest one when it comes to breaking free from such a mentality.

The next thing to deal with are insecurities.

My insecurities came in many forms. To be 100% frank with you, there were times were I didn't feel so good looking, or as attractive as the next girl and this was not only at the beginning of my journey. I always told myself (and it's the truth), "I don't care what people think I look like or if I am not so good looking to some people because of my hair" but the insecurities lurked around, somewhere there, at the back of my head. There were other times I imagined wearing a weave or braids just to have that long hair but the truth of the matter was that I couldn't stand weaves or extensions anymore. It was funny because I loved my hair and was so proud of it yet I was feeling a sort of prick in me, making me see how short my hair was and how long it wasn't...

It's not normal and it's not supposed to be there.

Here are the ways I battled those insecurities :

1. The Bible. The Word of God has been central in battling any contrary thoughts that comes to mind, any contrary thoughts that is against what I believe and tempts me to compromise. I tell myself : "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalms 139 : 14. For anyone to see your beauty, you have to realize it's there and see it first. Stand firm in the word of God and fill yourself with His word. Nobody can tell you, you are any less better looking than the next woman because you know how good God made you.

2. Confidence. Confidence is key to going natural, but you have to build on it. You can't rock your hair with the same confidence with which you decided to go natural. It's the truth. Keep reminding yourself why you went natural, love your hair, learn from it, get to know it and wear your hair in complete confidence.

3. Don't compare. Comparing yourself to another woman, whether natural or not leaves a HUGE door for insecurities. Your hair is beautiful in it's own unique way. So the next woman has long hair, don't worry you'll get there too in time! Comparing your hair to another's only makes things worse, rather admire, take notes (that is, be inspired) and thank God you're natural!

4. Have fun. I still think so many naturals, especially newly naturals, do not know just how fun natural hair is. I didn't at first and now looking back, I wish I had and had more fun with my short hair. Your hair is only short once and when it grows, you cannot do the things you used to be able to do with it when it was short! So have fun and take advantage of the now!

5. Note the advantages. Short natural hair has a lot advantages. For one it dries so much more faster! Takes less time to style. You can actually jump in the shower, wash your hair apply one or two products afterwards and let your hair do what it do!

6. Acceptance. This comes before confidence. You need to accept your hair, it's length and characteristics after going natural. Some naturals get disappointed after doing the BC because they find their is too this or that. If you do not accept your hair, you are never going to be happy with your hair and might never get to be able to wear it out properly.

7. Avoid compromise. Now this depends on what your standards and goals are. If you have told yourself, "I want to rock my TWA" then rock it, do not go running to weaves or wigs everyday. If you'd planned to wear wigs every once in a while to change a bit, then do but do not always hide your beautiful head of hair under them! Compromise only multiplies your insecurities!

This are some things I had to apply while mentally transitioning from long hair to short hair. If you find you are still not happy with the length of your hair, try looking for some inspiration on YT, natural hair blogs and forums. If this still does not help, I would advice you to wear some "long styles" with extensions and weaves until your hair grows out. I personally, do not recommend this but I will be discussing this in another post.

Do have fun in your natural hair journey, stay creative, open minded and CONFIDENT! Close your eyes and see the beauty God has bestowed on YOU instead of looking to others!

Please stay tuned. There are some posts coming soon that are linked to this subject!

Do share your suggestions, additions, experiences and love!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Very helpful!...great reminder. Thanks for posting :)


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