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- Psalms 27 : 1

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mixology : Aloe and Coco Fun!

Hi ladies!!

Here is something I just recently discovered and that I am absolutely loving!!

Aloe vera and Coconut oil!

Okay so, how did it all start?

One day, while searching for some major moisture and serious shine for my skin, I mixed some of my aloe vera gel with my virgin coconut oil and...BOOM! Something was born!!

I didn't take long before going to the kitchen and whipping some for myself. 

All I did was mix equal amounts of pure aloe vera gel with virgin coconut oil. And I got a white "thickish" mix.

You will not believe all I use this simple mix for :

● As a make up remover : I use this after rinsing with a bit of warm water and before washing with my moisturizing black soap facial wash

● As a major moisture-shine fix for my skin : I use it before my body butter

● As a shaving aid : just before using shaving cream or whatever else you decide to use

 I am absolutely loving this mix!!!

...and don't worry, I'm still experimenting with it so there's definitely much more to come...

As a TIP I do advice you to use a preservative if your aloe vera gel do not already contain one and an antioxidant such as pure vitamin E oil to keep the coconut oil from going rancid [if you're not thinking of using the whole thing up immediately]

Coconut oil is such a light oil that easily penetrated the skin to moisturize it and vitalize it! Aloe vera gel helps protect, soothe and relieve the skin!

DO share your suggestions, experiences, additions and love!!

Stay blessed and keep it funky sisters!



  1. What a great find! Interesting to use it as a makeup remover. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I will try this when I take my braids out!

  3. Hi Ag! Do tell us how it works out!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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