"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, April 18, 2011

Melodies I Lull By : Rediscovering


The group Boyz II Men have got to be the second only boy band I listen to and I deem them as the best boy band ever formed so far. I do think they are underrated and it's a shame because they made some good songs (and they are still making some more), I mean deep, seasoned songs, the kind that makes sense and gives you sensations from beyond...I mean, listen to the melody, ruminate on the words, catch the tune...I'm not a woman of many words so...'nuf said.

These last few days, I've been three of their songs has been on rererepeat and I've been loving it! It's like this for me : I always rediscover songs I have on my iPod because I get stuck on just  few at a time and this time I rediscovered these tuneful melodies from Boyz II Men :

This is one of my favorite "a capella" songs so far. I am absolutely loving the use of the different voices and melodies. One truly fulfilled tune.

This is one of my first songs from the group. True love, forgiveness and humility expressed in one song...we don't see that often these days...

This was On Repeat last week or so and it's still on repeat! Still loving it!

What do you think about Boyz II Men and their tunes?



  1. Ha! I was all about them back when I was ten and in the fifth grade! Everyone had their cassette! I miss them, I think I need to go and download an album.


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