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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hair Update : Twist Outs and the Fountain Bun

Hello ladies!!

I pray everyone is having a great day!

Just a quick update on my hair today.

So I took out the twists last night and I have to say, those twists gave me quite a hard time. Since they were so small, I had to be very careful not to create knots and tangles. I got a number of knots and and couldn't undo two... I was so unpleased...But anyway, I was glad when it was all done. I will be posting what I've learnt from this twist experience...

After taking them out, I noticed I had very defined and springy twist outs. In the pictures, notice this is not the case for all of my hair but only on the parts that were twisted and not  flat twisted.

I thought they were cute but wanted to wear an updo because I'd prefer a more uniform twist out if I wanted to let them down. Well, I started playing around with some updo styles and found my twist outs to be falling instead of standing up like in a puff. To counter this, I started running my hands through my twist outs to comb them out a bit. It worked a little but not so much.

Finally I got a style I liked.

Before going to bed, I moisturized my hair with my daily spritz and applied some leave in before flat-twisted my hair in 4 big parts.

This is the style today :

The twist outs were less defined and less springy this morning (due to all my efforts) and my hair had shrunk. I do have to admit, I prefer the the style when I did it last night to today. I really don't know why I left out the pompadour...maybe because I was running late this morning...

I call this style the Fountain Bun. It's pretty much a very high bun with twist outs and springy strands falling out like water does in a fountain...I love it and in fact I have never worn a bun this high! I will be revisiting it, improving it and definitely trying it with better twist outs and the pompadour!

That's it!

DO share your suggestions, additions, experiences and love!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. cute!!!
    I also had some knots when I was taking out my twist.When they are that small,they cannot be overmanipulated or wet too much, they tangle easily.
    I love the name you gave your style,really cute

  2. Thanks sis!!! You are right about not being able to over manipulate them!! Thanks agains sis!

  3. That's a really cute style! one day when I have more time, I'm going have a mini twist session. I love the twist out.


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