"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hair Update : Head Wrap Weekend

Hi ladies!!

I pray all is well!

Another quick over due update!

Last weekend, just after wash day, I did not get the time to style my hair straight away, so I decided to cover it up.

I was tired of berets and had no beanies suitable for the warm weather...thus I tried something I haven't tried for a while now...

I really enjoyed wearing the head wrap and would certainly want to be doing it more often once I get my hands on some more scarves...

I did try the style again two days later but took some time before I could get it...I will certainly be improving on this!

Do share your suggestions, additions, experiences and love!

Stay blessed and keep it funky!


  1. I love it Funbi! You should give us a tutorial on how to wrap them because I'm clueless!!


  2. Very Cute!


  3. I agree, *standing on desk with fist pumping* tutorial, tutorial, tutorial!!! Lol, I love headwraps!!!

  4. @ Precious : Thanks hunny! I'll try the tutorial but I aint no pro myself ;)

    @ Kira Rana : Thanks sis!!

    @ Kiianah : lol!! I'll try to do one sis ;)

  5. I love this outfit! You're too fly! :)

  6. @ mangomadness : Thanks sis!!! Glory be to God!! Thanks again for your kind words, it is much appreciated!


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