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- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hair Update : All Twisted Up...Again

Hello queens!

I pray all is well with you all!

An update here about my hair...

I know I had a hard time with taking out my last twists and all but...guess what I did?

I'm all twisted up again!

As I said before, I love protective styling, though these days, I'm missing wearing out styles.

So...After wash day, I tried this new style : flat twists to one side and twists all over.

It's quite similar to the previous one and I'm loving it!

I used two mirrors, my styling balm, rat tail comb, clamps, hair bands and my daily spritz. 

It took me two days to do, that is more or less four hours to do.

That's my look these days...

Do share your suggestions, additions, experiences and love!

Stay blessed and keep it funky!


  1. Love these twists Funbi! I really need to find out a way to use two mirrors to do my hair! That's why I can only do styles with the front of my hair lol. Anyhow, great style!


  2. Thanks queen! The best place to set up two mirrors is in your bathroom. You can either use one moveable and another permanent or both moveable.
    I will be posting a video about flat twists and in it I show how I work with two mirrors. Thanks again sis!

  3. Cute!!! Can you please teach me to flat twist! Lol, I can twist just enough for a twist out but when it comes to getting them as neat as yours, puleeze! I can't wait for the video!

  4. Loving this new style! I also want to see how you set up the two mirrors...your twists fall so nicely down the back. And that flat twisted side is hot! So many options..

  5. Cute!!! I must say you are great with the two mirrors. I tried the two mirrors and boy was that a fail for me. But my front and sides always look great:) So I too cannot wait for the video.

  6. @ Kiianah : Thanks sis!! I will be putting up a video soon and doing more! :)

    @ CocoaChick : Thank you so much sis! Video coming soon! ;)

    @ Goldenbrownbeauty : Thanks sister!! The two mirrors technique takes a bit of time to get used to but after that, its okay!

  7. I love this is. Did a similar style in the past. You have inspired me to try it again!!

  8. Thanks sis!! Go for it, twists always look great on you! ;)


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