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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Focus on...Pre-Shampoo Treatments


Commonly known as "prepoos", a pre-shampoo treatment consists of giving the hair a treat just before shampooing. There are many benefits to prepooing, in fact, it's what I start my washing routine with.

Prepoo mixes come in so many forms, from oils to thick, cream-like concoctions. The bottom line is, you can use the ingredients you want and there is even room for creativity but a prepoo mix is only a prepoo mix if it can do these :

- Conditions lightly
- Softens
- Moisturizes
- Detangles lightly
- Strengthens (protects)

On this list, moisture is the most important. The main point of a pre-shampoo treatment is to prepare the hair for all the washing to come and therefore keep it from drying or loosing any excess moisture. If a prepoo mix cannot moisturize the hair, protecting it and getting it ready for the shampooing that's going to come next, then there is no point. 
Of course one prepp mix will be effective in doing one thing than the other; it depends on what exactly you want to get from the treatment.

Some might say that there is no need to prepoo because they use moisturizing shampoos and have a great deep conditioning mix. Well, it's good to have all these but it's also great to prepoo because not only does it make shampooing a easier experience for the hair, but it also makes detangling straightforward and the deep conditioning treatment a bigger treat.

Here are a few tips to prepooing :

- Prepoo overnight to let you hair totally benefit from the treatment

- Apply a generous amount of the mix all over your hair to maximize the results

- Be creative with your recipes. The best prepoo ingredients are found in the kitchen

- Cover your hair with a plastic cap and a bonnet or just steam your hair to allow the mix to penetrate your strands

That's it for Pre-Shampoo Treatments!

Do share your experiences, suggestions, additions and love!

Stay blessed and keep it funky!


  1. I've done some homemade mixes of pre-poo treatments but nothing I've thrown together has beaten the Burt's Bee's Avocado Pre-poo, it's great.

  2. Great post Funbi, I love how you never miss a beat!!! I love me a good pre-poo and my hair is so soft afterward. I can always tell a differencve in my hair when I don't prepoo!

    @LaNeshe I have heard some great things about Burt's Bee's, I have to get my hands on some!

  3. @ LaNeshe : Thanks sis for the info!! Have to look into that.

    @ Kiianah : Thanks sis!! I know what you mean, without a prepoo, wash day is not the same...Thanks again for the kind words ;)

  4. My fave pre-poo is an oil/honey mix. I usually do a aloe vera/oil mix though because it's less messy.

  5. @ Anonymous : those sound yummy... Thanks for the input sis!!


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