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- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Search For the Ultimate Deep Conditioner #7


Months ago, early in my natural hair journey, I tried a deep conditioner that my hair and I fell in love with.

It was during the time where practically no products where working and my hair was getting dryer and dryer fast. 

Desperately, I put the two best ingredients that were working great for me at the time (and still are) and made a deep conditioner.

The result :

Mega moisturized and strengthened hair.

This is what I did :

 - I mixed some honey with shea butter until I got a thick yet runny mix.

- I put the mix all over my hair 

- I put on a plastic cap and waited for about 30 minutes

- I then stepped into the shower and washed the mix out

At the time, I believe I used too much shea butter because it took some time before I could wash everything out of my hair but a little bit of shea butter goes a long way.

These two ingredients are great for very dry hair and also during the cold seasons to prevent drying.  There are no fixed measurements, it's up to you to use the honey and shea butter depending on your hair needs.

- You can use both ingredients in equal parts for both moisture and moisture retention

 - You can use more honey than shea butter for a lot of moisture and some moisture retention especially if you have really dry hair

- You can use more shea butter than honey for more moisture retention and some moisture treatment especially if you are looking to adding to the moisture in your hair (maybe in case of prevention). 

Though this is a great deep conditioner, I see it as a hair mask, meaning, this mix should be used every once in a while, in case of serious dryness or in case of ultra prevention (maybe before going to pool or so).

Here are a few tips to using this deep conditioner :

- Mix the concoction well with a mixer or a spoon. It is important to have an homogenous mix and since shea butter and honey are both thick it might take longer

- You can partially melt the shea butter over some hot water before adding the honey to make it easier to mix

- A little goes a long way so try not to add too much

- The longer you wait before washing your hair, the better. You can even use this as an overnight treatment (works great)

- Wash out the mix with warm water. This helps wash everything out and also helps make your hair feel silly soft

I am trying to incorporate this mix in my hair regimen again permanently and I'll keep you all posted!

Please share your suggestions, additions, love and experiences!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Oooh this sounds really good! Thanks for sharing Funbi!


  2. Thank you! It's my pleasure sis!!

  3. sounds great......thanks for sharing!! You can't go wrong using shea butter and honey!!

  4. Thanks sis! You are so very welcome!! Yup! You can't go wrong at all!!


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