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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Questions We Ask : Go Natural To Become Broke?


I remember when I first did the BC, I was clueless on what products and tools to use and still in my clueless state, I spent so much money on both products and tools than I'd ever spent on my hair at a time, so much so that, it got ridic!The thing is that, I found myself, spending and spending and spending....I thought, was this the price to pay for healthy, happy hair?

Well, at first I bought it and thought it normal I was spending so much until, I just couldn't justify spending so much on my hair.

Now looking back, I realized what I did wrong and have come to see that that most of the time, I was wasting money.

Here are a few tips to guide you and your wallet in your natural hair journey :

Do not jump on bandwagons : I've mentioned this before more than once and I am going to keep on repeating it because as naturals (whether new or not!) we find ourselves automatically doing so. We go from product to product because of reviews we read or watch; we try this treatment and that treatment because some naturals are swearing by it and it goes back and forth. Not only are we wasting our time but also our money. If you are just clueless on what products or treatments to try, doing some research on ingredients will specifically help you choose your products. Believe it, if you continue jumping on bandwagons your wallet is going to feel it fast!

Stick to the basics : That's it. This is one of my natural golden rules. Stick to basics. Only buy what you need, the essentials and only that. If you need a detangling tool, choose the one you want after doing your research but do not just decide to pick a number of different types of detanglers and decide to see how it goes. The truth is that, more that one of them will not be suitable for you and you will end up not using them. A waste right? Stick to the exact products you need. Moisturizing conditioner, clarifying shampoo, whatever it is, stick to what you need.

Choose wisely : Choose products you know more or less will work great for your hair prior to past experiences with other products. Buy what you can afford. There are a lot of products out there for natural hair and the truth is, some of them are expensive so only buy what you can afford. You can still have healthy hair and stay pretty much austere.

Be real : Do not buy products or tools in the hope that you will use them. This mostly applies to products or accessories. For example, do not buy a banana clip if your hair is not long enough o be pulled back ( like I did some time again lol)
5. Do your own research and learn from your past mistakes : A lot of time is saved if you truly do your own research. Learn about the ingredients that help you make your hair healthy and stick to them. Try new things but try sample sizes and try one product at a time. Try learning from past mistakes. Stay away from ingredients that might have failed for you in the past.

It's really that easy. You do not have to become broke just because you are a natural. Keep it simple. Give your hair just what it needs, nothing less, nothing more. By the grace of God, I will be starting a new series of posts focusing on how to stick to the basics and save on money as a natural.

Do share your suggestions, experiences, additions and love!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Great post .... I love your point about not buying hair accessories that won't do your hair any good *yet* and jumping on bandwagons. We've got to become familiar with our hair's needs, which will obviously differ from everyone else's needs!


  2. Wow!! Awesome posts!!! Honestly, I do not even do product reviews anymore because I do not want to mislead anyone. You have actually inspired me to start making my own deep conditioners which are working great for my daughter and I. Keep up the good work sister!

  3. @ Precious : Thanks hun!!! You are right, each natural's hair is unique and we need to concentrate on how to work with it instead of trying to change it.

    @ Tinuke : Thanks sis!! You are right about not wanting to mislead with product reviews. I am so happy to hear about your DCing experience. Glory be to God! Thanks for all the encouragement sis!

  4. Love it Funbi! I know what you mean, I was buying headbands as soon as I chopped, lol. But I did steer clear of the pjism and stuck to simple things like shea butter, aloe vera gel, fruit nad nut based oils, etc. A lot of us get so excited about the journey that we forget that learning our OWN hair is key before purchasing a bunch of products that may break your pockets and do your hair no justice!

  5. Lol! I also avoided pjism thanks to God. I also learnt to work with very simple things like shea butter and all the yummy oils. I do also believe excitement is the first culprit!!! YES to learning from our hair! Thanks sis for the lovely comment!

  6. This is a great post. I am so not a PJ, I always keep it simple.

  7. Thanks sis!! Yes to simplicity!

  8. wonderful post, esp#1 I did jump on the bandwagon, soo expensive, even purchasing samples online(shipping&handling) #5 is very important; keep a hair journal. 3years later I finally found a shampoo that I love...now researching for a good leave-in :)


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