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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Questions We Ask : Can't Wear Protective Styles With a TWA?


Hi ladies!

I pray everyone is doing well!

The issue on the table today is : wearing protective styles with a TWA (that is a Teeny Weeny Afro).

Possible, or not?

I have often read on natural hair blogs or forum how natural divas rocking TWAs would love to wear protective styles or just change up a little but are dismayed because they can't.

Says who?

Just because you have short natural hair does not mean your hair is any less versatile. I have to admit, when I was rocking a TWA, I was pretty much clueless but that's the state I want you beautiful ladies out there rocking TWAs to step out of.

The truth of the matter is, natural hair is fun and if you are not having any fun, then it means you are not informed.

Don't think all you are doomed to doing is washing your hair and letting it do what it do. There are quite a number of protective or alternative styles to rock with a TWA, check them out :

1. Weaves and wigs : this is a great way to protect your hair and, for those that really feel they need it, gain some length while keeping it fly. There are a number of weave styles to choose from, it's up to you to pick the one you lick. Wigs is another alternative if your hair is still quite short to wear weaves. Wigs are only protective styles if you are taking care of your hair underneath and nurturing it to grow as it should.

2. Extensions : You can braid/twist your hair with extensions and achieve numerous looks. You can try kinky twists, yarn braids, Senegalese braids and the list goes on and on. These styles protect the hair (to a certain level but that's a post for another day ;) ) and keep you from getting bored, if that's an issue.

Now for natural divas that only want to wear their hair and rock the length as it is, you can try these great styles :

3. Coils : coils or finger coils or comb coils (depending on the method applied) are especially great for TWAs. They serve as a comfortably stylish protective style and give a totally fly look.

4. Two strand twists : depending on how short your hair is, you can rock two strand twists, given your hair is long enough to twist that is. This is very effective protective style as well as a great way to change your look. If you are afraid your hair will stick up, try wrapping it with a satin scarf before going to bed and they should lie down. Twist outs are usually the end product of two strand twists and they are a great way to rock your hair when you get tired of the twists or before you wash your hair.

5. Flat twists/braids : are a nice way to hide the real length of your hair if you tuck in your ends that is. There are a number of different styles to play with and you can also get creative with it!

At the end of the day, with confidence, you can rock any style. Once you have that confidence, you won't care about how short your twists look or any such thing. Another thing is, depending on your preferences, do not limit yourself. Play with your hair and have fun with it, remember, natural hair is fun, so make the most of it!

DO share your suggestions, additions, experiences and love!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Great post sis! Yes,I do hear this a lot and truth be told, I've seen so many different ways you can rock your TWA! I've seen parts, hair sicked to one side, tww mini flat twists on the side, etc. You tube is definitely a go-to when I'm at a styling stump. I would like to see more TWA styles on YT though.

  2. Thanks Kiianah! It's a pleasure! You are right, YT is full of inspiration but once we find it's not enough, then it's time to get creative!! Thanks again sis!

  3. Hello! who is the person in the picture or what is her hair type! She has my exact fro.

    1. Hi Anon. I don't know who she is, sorry.


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