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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pre - Wash Day Preparations

When I look at the calendar and see wash day is approaching, I get mixed feelings. 
One, I love washing my hair and caring for it but two, wash day comes with a lot of downs, depending on your regimen but according to mine, firstly, I have to find the time, secondly, I have to summon the energy and lastly, there is a lot of care and prudence that has to be applied.
My washing routine alone takes about two hours and then comes styling (I will be making a more detailed post about this by the grace of God and even try making YouTube videos) which takes another two hours. 
So with all that to be considered, I try to prepare myself and especially my hair prior the time to make the whole process faster and much easier.

1. The number one thing I do is twist my hair in four large flat twists. I part my hair in four vertical (more or less equal) sections and gently twist : This helps stretch the hair and thus makes detangling much easier (please check out this post for more on about this point) and by making detangling easier, you're also making it faster. By wash day though, my hair is already stretched from protective styles but I prefer to already have the big twits because taking off a protective style on wash day is not only a waste of time but an invitation for knots you'll have to spend time undoing while conditioning. For natural divas that don't normally do twists and co. in between washes, try making the big twists a bit tighter or twisting six sections instead. For natural divas with longer hair, you can go ahead and put in chunky twists instead. Another to know is that those four twists are the sections with which I work with at a time while washing. That's to say, I wash each section at a time, meaning I save time by already defining the sections before wash day.
So a little recapitulatory : four large twists = stretching + defining wash sections = saving loads of time x avoiding knots

My 4 large flat twists

2. Secondly,  I prepare the concoctions I will need the night before.  I always try to prepare my prepoo mix and my deep conditioning one too. This saves a lot of time on wash day. Now, after preparing the mixes, depending on what they are, I either put them in a dark cupboard or in the fridge. If it's a oil mix then it's the dark cupboard but if it's a yogurt mix for example, well then it's in the fridge. On the next day, I always take out the mixes in the fridge a some time before application so as to allow them to cool. Even if it's a conditioner and oils DC try making it the night before and you'll save some time. Anytime you can save is precious.
Recapitulatory : Preparing mixes before hand  = saving loads of time = being prepared x saving loads of time

I like to use air tight containers for DC mixes
3. Next, I prepare my tools. I put aside everything I will be needing and even the products too. From the clamps to the rest. Try setting aside what you'll need. It avoids running around and forgetting things once you've stepped in the bathroom or even after starting wash. I cannot tell you how many times I'd already wet my hair in the shower only to realize what I needed wasn't in the bathroom. A little bit of organization saves a lot of time and makes your wash day a even greater breeze.

Recapitulatory : Preparing tools = being organized = saving loads of time / avoiding inconvenient situations

Some of the tools I use

4. Lastly, I think up styles and try to decide what style to wear for the week or weeks before the next wash. This is a major time saver because I cannot tell you how many time I've wasted, standing in front of the mirror, staring at my hair and trying to brainstorm what style to do. Brainstorming is good but better when done when not under pressure. Since I normally style my hair at night, it is essential for me to get straight to the point! Try to think of what you are going to do so when you wash your hair and it's time to style, you know what you're doing and you especially know which products to style with.
Recap : Deciding on style prior to styling =  Saving loads of time / avoiding frustration = Straight forward styling session 

That's it ladies!

Do share your thoughts and experiences!

Stay blessed and funky!


  1. Love it girl! You have a solid game plan..it makes a long process a little better..I know for me, wash days are only weekends/or I don't have to be @ work by 8..

  2. Thanks sis! It certainly makes it much easier!
    Thanks for passing by ;)


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