"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Natural Hair ABCs : Staying in the Will of God

At the beginning of my natural hair journey, with little to no support and practically zero knowledge, I could not help but question myself over and over again if my going natural was in the will of God.
Sometimes I thought and pondered it. 
I thought, if I am facing so much opposition and finding this so hard, it could mean God is against.
But I realized it couldn't be so. Nothing happens by mistake. After going natural, changes took place in my life, though not immediately, I met so many natural, God-fearing, inspiring queens. YouTube and blogs was  a great tool both to my natural hair journey and my spiritual life.
I knew this could not be out of the will of God. The devil doesn't want me to grow in anyway, yet looking back now, I can testify to so much growth.

The most important factor that made me rethink my going natural was my dear mom's opposition. I do not believe in disrespecting parents (Exodus 20 : 12 : "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.") so when I stood my ground and stayed natural, I was afraid I was showing disrespect. My mom never actually told me to not be natural or is she against being natural she just didn't really know natural hair could presentable or believe it was worth the time. This went on for some time and so many times, I felt so low and I tried nevertheless to follow my mom's principles, and as time went on I found I was under the will of God.

I'm saying all this to say, being a newly or aspiring natural, you can find yourself in a situation where you feel you have to compromise. Remember, God made you with your natural hair and quite frankly, He has left us to do whatever we want with it, but staying in His will is key.

Here are a few things to observe as a newly or aspiring natural to keep from swaying from the will of God :

The number one thing is being obedient and submissive to your parents. I know most natural divas are not under their parents anymore and others have 100 percent support from theirs but to the ones that are still living at home and that their parents are not totally okay with them going natural I'm going to say be obedient, submissive and patient. Whatever they say, listen and be patient. In time, they will see the beauty of your hair.

The second thing is to not think you are better than others. True, we are proud of our beautiful God-given hair but a haughty attitude is not of God. Be thankful to God that He had your hair beautiful but please do not in any way look down on other sisters that are wearing their hair permed or that straighten their hair.

Thirdly, try not bad mouth other ladies or be quick to judge. You chose to go natural, some ladies prefer not to. Do not judge others and do not be quick to criticize them.

Next point is, do not make debating about natural hair a habit. It's good to explain once in a while the benefits of going natural but please refrain from lengthly debates that might end up in anger, exchange of hurtful words and so on. Give humble answers when asked about your natural hair.

Another point is, do not worship your hair. Worship the creator not the creation. Being a newly natural, it's easy to start adoring your hair. Love your hair and take care of it, share what you learn and interact with other naturals but be careful not to put your hair before it's creator.

Finally, pray about your natural hair, for God to guide you, give you knowledge and use you as an inspiration to others.

My testimony today, amongst many others, is that, recently, my mom said my twists looked nice and she noticed how long my hair has grown. She said if I continued doing my hair like this it'd be great.  Though it's just the beginning of something great I felt so encouraged and thank God for all His help. 

If your parents are not for you wearing your natural hair, pray to God and ask for Him to open their eyes to see the beauty of your natural God-given hair and for them to encourage you.
I did and God has answered.

I never planned to write such a post but God laid it in my heart. 
I pray someone has been blessed.
Do share your experiences, suggestions, additions and prayers!

May God help us all and teach us the way to go!


Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Very good post! The great thing about natural hair is that you can both reflect on the wonderful creation, and the wonderful Creator :)


  2. Thanks sis! You are totally right!

  3. hello ma'am...im so glad i found ur blog!!!! and this post has really encouraged me, you dont know how
    for years, ive been on my natural hair and i've even cried when its so hard and massive and a comb breaks when i try combing it..
    there was even a time i thought i was just suffering myself and nobody even sent me any message like so many of my antagonists have told me and i would just sigh and wonder if it was even God's will
    for a while, i prayed, but later i stopped and just did this wooly hair so as to have time for other stuffs and now ive found u, i would love to get more inspirations from you
    i need to know what i can use to make my hair beautiful and less stressful cos its quite massive..LOL
    and yes indeed ma'am, ive been blessed

    1. Hey sis!! I'm so glad this post was of help. All the glory be to God. Firstly, your hair is beautiful (no matter what) because God especially crowned you with it. And congrats for the courage you have summed up to stay natural till now. Sometimes it's not easy & I am definitely speaking from experience especially if those closest to you are not supporting you. Continue to pray for God's guidance, strength & knowledge concerning it. Nothing is too little or insignificant in the eyes of God to pray about (Philippians 4 : 6).
      The blog is at your disposal for in depth information about taking care of natural hair just look around. But whenever you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask. About maintaining your hair, I'd say start with the basic info on the blog & please give me some details about your journey so far (--how long have you been natural, what is your basic regimen, what is the state of your hair etc.) so I can help you a bit with some advice.
      I hope that has helped ;)


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