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- Psalms 27 : 1

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair Update : The "Twist, Roll and Tuck!"

Hi ladies!

I hope all well with you all!

Have you ever heard of the "Roll and Tuck"? Well then, it's time you got acquainted with my infamous "Twist, Roll and Tuck"!

So after not being able to do a protective style for the whole week, I decided to try a sort of roll and tuck style. Like always, I tried to do a roll and tuck but to no avail, so I decided to try it another way. 

All I did was part my hair in two (more or less) and chose a pattern, then started rolling the twists in as if I was loose twisting while making sure to tuck every strand away and then I pinned down any strands that didn't want to stay down.

I know you can't really see the style in the picture but even by looking at it, you can tell it's not so neat but I like this style so much! So much that I decided to wear it on the next day. On the first day, I was running late to school so I could only hurry it up and on the second day, I was also late so I really haven't had time to work on the style.

With a little bit more time and creativity, this style could be a great quick style and I am definitely going to be working on it. This style is also a good protective style and can be worn to an elegant outing too.

  Here are some more pictures... [Please don't mind my face, I have not paying attention to my look these days]

second day 

first day

That's it!

Tell me what you think!

Stay blessed and funky!


  1. Looks great Funbi!


  2. Very cute, and I looove those earrings!! ;)

  3. Too pretty! The glasses and earrings really set off the look.

  4. @ Precious: Thank you hunny!

    @ Kiianah : Thank you sis!

    @Ms. Cee C : Thanks a lot sis!


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