"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, March 7, 2011

Golden : A Great Day!

"These are my thoughts, 
these are my words,
Coming from within.
These are my thoughts and they are golden,
My words and they are precious, 
My Spirit is my source,
and through it flows, 
Rivers of living waters.
I know cause He said so,
I love cause He does,
So please let me tell you,
This comes from the soul".

- Golden by Funbi's

Hello everyone!

Been gone a few days.  I hope all is well and you are all blessed.

I wanted to share with you my thoughts about last Friday.

So last Friday, at school, at work, on the road...a bunch of things happened and though some people like to live through a day thinking everyday that happens and that will ever happen is by chance, I, set free by the truth which is Jesus Christ, of Jesus Christ and comes through Jesus Christ, I know that there's no such thing. 

I came in contact with a lot of people on Friday and spoke to more than a few and by the words that came out of their mouths and the way they acted towards me, I could see that it was God. I have no doubt it. It was like God was trying to make me see His love, the manifestation of His joy. 
Every little detail counted and I was amazed at how He opened my eyes and mind to see it.
All this to say that, at then end of the day it is only God that gives us great days! A great day is not about what happens during the day, what bad news you heard or your fears and concerns, but having a great day is all about being able to give whatever situation you might be going through to God and being filled with true joy that only comes from the Father. 
This started on Friday and to tell you the truth, it has followed me until today and I am just amazed how this joy makes everything beautiful and how the sun is always shining no matter what. Bad news is there, trouble comes and I've got more than a few things on my mind but God's strength and joy is so amazing that I don't even see it anymore.
That's real joy, joy that does not depend on anyway on the circumstances you are going through and believe it or not, this is a fact!

Now here is something I would like us to practice more everyday :
You know, you don't know what the brother on the bus or the sister on the street is going through, you might think you got it bad but the next person is worse off so stop thinking that! That is why we have to be careful how we react to others. Do not carry your worries and anxieties around and start taking it out on people or even if you have no worries, be careful how you walk past the sister in the metro or how you look at the brother on the bike. It's the little things that can break or make someone's day. If there is something I know, it's the little things people do, the little efforts they make that makes me smile and let the joy of God flow better through me. Let's smile when we can, to whomever we can, let's lend a hand of help to whomever might need it and let's make an effort to reach out to others, especially if they look like they are going through something.
Let's be a blessing always. 
I don't want to be a day breaker I want to build my sisters and brothers up on a daily basis even those I do not know, I want the sister with the funky style in the bus to know I think she is original by smiling at her, I ask the old man on the street if he needs help crossing the streets, I compliment my friends to let them know I appreciate them...

Please don't be a day breaker but a day maker!

I love you all!

Hair update coming soon...

Stay blessed in Jesus name!


  1. Yes - so much truth in all of this. Great post! Can't wait to see your hair update!


  2. I don't want to be a day breaker, I want the joy of the Lord to flow through me always. May God help me!

  3. @ Precious : thanks hunny. Glory be to God!

    @ Funmi : Aaamen!


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