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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Focus on...No Comb Regimen : What To Expect

After realizing combs were doing more damage to my hair than good, about five months ago, I decided to take on a no comb regimen (please check out  this post for more information).
So far, my hair is loving it and though two or so years ago, I would never have imagined I'd be going without combing my hair, now I don't know why I ever ran combs through my natural hair.

Now months on, I can look back and say that though a no comb regimen is great, there are a few things you should know, or expect, if you are thinking of giving your comb a break and taking up a 'no comb regimen'.

Here are a few things - according to my experience - you should be aware of :

- A no comb regimen is a bit challenging : Yes. For kinky, coily hair, the challenge lies in detangling the hair and avoiding serious knots. The best deal for detangling, for a natural on a no comb regimen would be finger detangling (please consult this post for detailed information). Avoiding knots is a whole other thing. Since combs are ruled out, and detangling is only done while washing, a lot of effort needs to be invested in keeping the hair strands from knotting up and leading to a serious hair cut.

- A no comb regimen is easier when you wear twists/braids and the like, on a regular basis : Twisting and braiding helps keeps the hair strands from getting tangled ; helps controls the hair strands ; helps stretch the hair and thus makes detangling easier and keeps knots away.

- Stretching is necessary : One thing I have noticed is that, when my hair is stretched (especially through twists and braids) my hair does not tangle and it looks better than whatever any comb can do. I believe stretching methods should be an active part of a no comb regimen.

- Detangling is essential : While stretching is necessary, detangling is very important. In fact, stretching helps make detangling easier. Since no comb is used proper detangling needs to be done to prevent latter damage (such as major knotting) and to make styling the hair easier. If detangling is not done properly, the end result will be breakage while styling and numerous knots.

- You'll freak out : Combs not only help detangle the hair or style it, they also help remove shed hair stuck in between the other strands or the hair strands that break off every once in a while. So not using a comb means, all these strands get stuck in between our kinky strands and what happens when we wash our hair our style is we're going to pick out knots of hair or strands and freak. I used to freak, but I don't anymore. I did a little experiment and my hypothesis was proved correct. A few times, while styling, I'd check out a knot I'd pick out of my hair. I counted how many strands had a white tip or how many white - tipped strands I could see. Believe it or not, on all those occasions there were always a lot of white-tipped strands there. These strands with white tips are shed hairs and shedding is a totally normal process in which a hair strand falls out of the scalp. So, ladies, stop fussing, all those knots or strands are shed hairs and a few broken hair strands trying to get out.

- Wearing an afro is more challenging : I have not really attempted wearing an afro after I starting my no comb regimen but I have realized the afro look will be a bit harder to achieve. I advice stretching the hair  and then doing bantu knot or loose twists to get a textured afro then depending you can use your fingers to comb through the ends. That's what I'd do.

Now, here are a few tips to help make a no comb regimen as beneficial and enjoyable as it should be :

- Never sleep on your hair without braiding or twisting them in parts. This prevents knotting and keeps the hair stretched and tangle free.

- Braid and twist frequently

- If buns and afros are your staple styles, try doing tight, medium - sized braids or twists before going to bed each night.

- Finger detangle regularly on wash days

-  Use a conditioner with good slip to make detangling easier

- Keep your moisture levels high. This helps keep the hair silky and makes unknotting totally easier. Additionally, all the touching with your fingers in the place of combs can reduce moisture and the hair more susceptible to tangling.

- Use a leave in conditioner that has a long lasting detangling effect

That's all for what to expect!

As I keep on going in this routine I will be keeping you updated!

Please share you experiences, suggestions and additions.

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Thanks for these tips! I am also using a no-comb regimen so I will definitely remember these!


  2. It's a pleasure sis! So glad it was of help!

  3. Very great post sis!! Thanks for sharing. I am on a no-comb challenge as well.

  4. wonderful post, I esp. agree that detangling is essential but why do you feel that stretching is necessary? I ask because I have never stretch my hair...maybe because I have very very fine, thin hair

  5. @ Tinuke : You are welcome sis! It's a pleasure

    @ CB : Thanks sis! Stretching is necessary because it helps the hair strands from tangling or knotting up. Now I think you are right, natural divas with fine hair can get away with it. I hope that explains it :) Thanks for passing sis!

  6. Nice post!

    I have collarbone length 4a/b hair that I wear stretched (twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots outs, etc) all the time. I also finger comb 100% of the time.

    I do not--however--braid/twist my hair at night. All I do is wear a bonnet or a satin scarf (the pineapple method). I do not get excessive tangles. This is because I don't let it shrink until the next wash (no water hitting it, no moisturizing, etc). My hair retains moisture well in-between washes (every 5-7 days) so my hair does not suffer. It may not work for all but it works for me.

    I just wanted to share a different experience.

  7. I donot have a no comb regimen but I may only comb 3 times a month. I wear my hair in twists and WNG's most of the time. I find the twists are sometimes more tangled than my WNG's. My hair is very coily/curly but not as kinky so I donot get a lot of tangles or SSK's ( knock on wood). I do fingercomb in the shower when I cowash my hair but I do prefer to run a comb or denman to get the shed hair after finger combing.

  8. @ CB : You are totally welcome! It is my pleasure!

    @ mangomadness : Hi sis! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! For longer hair, I agree it is easier to go to bed without twisting or braiding. My hair is not as long as yours yet but I will definitely keep this in mind! You are right, not letting the hair shrink it another really good trick to prevent tangles and knots. Again, thanks so much for sharing your experience and thanks for passing by.

    @ Vetsnatural : Thanks for passing by sis! Your regimen sounds great!! Thanks for sharing sis!

  9. @Funbi: You welcome! I love this blog.


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