"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yoruba Word Of The Week : Ayo


Joy is the English word for Ayo.

Ayo is pure, ayo is lasting, deep from our uttermost beings.

Ayo brings to mind, when pronounced by my lips or pondered upon by my mind, something bigger, greater, higher than happiness, especially what the world calls happiness these days.
Ayo is true, not momentary and defies circumstances.
Such is ayo.
Ayo is the feeling that erupts from within when we are worshiping God in truth and the Spirit, when we feel His very presence in us and enfolding us; it's the feeling that comes when a mother sees her new born child for the very first time; it's the feeling that boils in us when we are amongst loved ones, friends and families; it's the feeling that says "everything is okay" even if they are not.

May God continue to give us ayo and may it never leave our homes!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


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