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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter & Natural Hair : What Has Not Worked For Me


Hi ladies! 
This has been my first winter during this natural hair journey, and I can tell you, it's been quite a ride but I trust the steep part of the road is over. I know winter is not at all over, but I just wanted to share with you what has not at all worked for me so far :

1. The number one thing that has not at all worked this winter, but that most naturals do automatically, is removing glycerin from my daily spritz. This move provoked excess dryness and dullness so much so that I could barely recognize my own hair. If you have been following this blog, this was one of the biggest culprits for my hair blues. I don't know what the humidity is around here (and I doubt it's humid at all) or anything like that, but my hair loves glycerin in my daily spritz!

2. Wrong move number two was cold washing. Mmh...Normally, the science behind washing your hair with luke warm/cool water (during last wash) before stepping out of the bath makes sense. Of course cold water closes your cuticles and that's great because it hold in moisture. Well, it has not been so great for me. My hair always felt dry after a wash, actually, after the cold wash. My theory is, when I wash my hair with cool water, it shuts the cuticles and depending on how much humectant is in my hair, it also shuts moisture out and even shuts out moisture from my leave in...well that's what I think either way, this has not worked for me at all. In fact, when I stopped and started washing like I used to with warm water, my hair felt sooo soft! 

3. Another bump along the road was putting oil in my daily spritz. This sounded like a great idea! What better way to seal in moisture than a bit of coconut oil or olive oil and it is a good idea, well not just for my hair. My hair got so dry (I think this was mostly due to the fact that I was using less to no glycerin at all) and also soo oily! I do not over do it with the oils (a tsp max!!!) but my hair got way to oily and my hair is particular when it comes to oils...so I said "seriously no, thanks" and stopped.

These are the things that are normally great to do during winter but has just not worked for me. Before ruling anything out, try it out for yourself and if what you're doing now is okay then stick with it! I will be posting more about my hair regimen, and the overall changes I've made!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Every blue moon I will rinse my hair out with cold washing but, I don't practice it regularly. So, I really can't gauge the results it had on my hair.

    I have this mixture of aloe vera juice, water, and EVOO for a spritz. I must admit that I like it. I think the aloe vera juice helped to balance out that oily factor.

    Thanks for telling us about your winter experience so far! This is also my first winter being natural:-)

  2. Hey there! I have to say that washing my hair in cool/cold water is a no-go for me as well. My hair always feels kinda brittle afterward, so I use warm water.

    My hair is so opposite, it hates glycerin in the winter and also makes my hair brittle and dry. I have a mixture I use also with aloe vera gel, coconut milk, distilled water, and some of Taaliah's Wajid's healing oil. My hair really loves this stuff and never feels oily, but gives it just enough moisture. Thanks for sharing Sis!

  3. @ elegantnatural : You are so very welcome! Thanks for also sharing!

    @ Kiianah : Your mixture sounds yummy! I might just try something like that! I am yet to try the healing oil but it sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I took oils out of my spritz early in my journey. My hair is not a fan of oil/butters applied directly to it--it gets greasy and hard. I only use my shea mix only on my ends and edges.

  5. Hey Anonymous! I totally see what you mean. When I apply oils directly to my hair (besides a hot oil treatment), it just sits on it and makes my hair greasy and dry. Butters are a much better for me, especially shea butter, my hair loves it.


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