"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hair Update : Post Protective Style 'Fro!

Hi ladies! I pray all is well with you all.

I just took out my protective style because it wasn't looking so neat anymore and the fuzziness was too much.
I do have to say though that, that style lasted 8 whole days and I am impressed because I never thought it would last that long. After taking it out, I was shocked at how soft, moisturized and shiny my hair was! I was amazed! Who said protective styling isn't IT? Seriously speaking, protective styling should be the preferred styling method of any natural diva seeking to grow and maintain healthy hair. Well, here are the pics...I couldn't help but play around with my 'fro. At first, the fro looked a bit bigger than this but little by little, serious shrinkage kicked in. I wish I had a camera that would bring out the shine! I am thinking of wearing a roll and tuck to church tomorrow but I am not yet sure, either way, I will be putting my hair in another protective style tomorrow by the grace of God.

Tell me what you think sisters!

Stay blessed and funky!


  1. lovely fro!! i love how it's shaped. my fros never look very even, lol.


  2. Thanks sis! I think the shape of the fro has to do with the way the hair was braided or I could be mistaken..thanks again!

  3. Love the definition after taking out the style! Protective styling is it, lol! This is why I'm always twisting and coiling my hair because for me, it helps lock in the moisture and I don't have to do anything to it for a week or two. Thanks for sharing sis!

  4. Thank you Kiianah! You are right! It does help lock in moisture!

  5. It looks really nice. My fro never comes out like that. It has nice shape also.

  6. Thank you sis! I think the shape was due to the braiding though :)


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