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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hair Update : New Protective Style

Hi ladies!

I pray all is well with you all.

I wanted to share with you all my new protective style!

So after finishing with my exams, and being tired of always covering my hair I decided to finally put my hair in a protective style. That Saturday night, I had an idea what I wanted to do, but still did not have a precise style in mind. So I first stated off by doing a mohawk stlyle with flat twists. Then I was left with the front. 

At first I put in twists in the front, but halfway through I realized it did not look so nice so I undid them and decided to just flat twist. After a few minutes of pondering, I came up with the idea to pin the sides of the front flat twists to the side along with the twists from the mohawk. I also rolled the ends of the mohawk flat twists and pinned them down. And voilĂ !! I really love this style and I was quite impressed with what I did. I have to admit, this is by far the best flat twist protective style I have come up with since I went natural. Though it does not look so neat and might have to redo them soon, I am so happy and I cannot wait to perfect my twisting skills.

Items used :

- 2 mirrors
- bobby pins
- rat tail comb
- clamps and bands to help separate hair

Products used :

- daily moisturizer
- leave in conditioner
- sealing butter

Time spent :

I'm not really sure but I think it's about one hour thirty or almost two hours.

Well that's it! I am finally wearing my hair out and I am absolutely enjoying it!

If you have any suggestions or idea or just want to share your opinion, please tell!!!

Stay blessed and funky sisters! 


  1. This is gorgeous! I wish I could flat twist (or cornrow) the back of my hair. I would be able to try a lot more hairstyles then. Maybe I'll practice more so, I can wear something like this. Thanx.

  2. Thank you so much sis!! Seriously, when I first started my hair journey, I couldn't flat twist! I forced myself to try over an dover again and well, I started flat twisting and I am still learning. There are also tutorials on youtube that can help! GO for it sis! I'm sure you'll come up with very creative styles!

  3. Very nice!!!!. Your hair has grown a lot. Keep these styles coming sis!!!

  4. lovely protective style!


  5. @ Tinuke : Thank you so much sis!!!

    @ Precious : Thank you hun!

  6. Yes, you're hair IS growing! I swear I cannot do any type of twisting or braiding the back of my hair. Very cute Sis!

  7. Thanks Ms-gg!!! It is much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. @ Kiinah : Try practicing and you will be surprised at what you would achieve. I use two mirrors and I have practiced with different positions and angles.

  9. I love this! I have to get my flat twisting game up to snuff.

  10. Hi Anonymous! Thank you! All you need to do is just try and flat twist and in no time you'll be great at it!

  11. thats pretty! I really need to learn how to play around with my hair..I cant even do regular flat twists to save my life lol

  12. Thanks sis! lol! Don't worry, I also had no clue but by trial and error, I learnt a few things.

  13. You betta werrkkk!! Super cute style! I have ZERO flat twisting skills. Since you mentioned they have tutorials on youtube maybe there's hope for me yet! LOL

  14. Thank you Abstract!!! LOL! There a lots of tutorials and you should try playing with it and you'd be surprised at what you'll learn!
    Thanks for passing!


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