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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hair Update : Hair Regimen UPDATED

Hi ladies! 

During these past months, I have made some modifications to my hair regimen and I would like to share them with you. As you all know, a hair regimen is vital for any natural looking to have and maintain healthy hair because it helps us know what works/ what doesn't for our hair and helps us stay disciplined when it comes to caring for our hair.

This is what my hair regimen used to look like along with the changes I've made in red and the things that are crossed over are what I have taken out :


I shampoo once every week once every 3 weeks reason being I am a fervent believer of keeping your scalp clean and healthy in order to get healthy growth. Another thing is that my scalp tends to itch without my weekly cleanses and I do not condition without shampoo (co-wash). I just don't like the idea of putting a new layer of conditioner on my hair without washing the products already on it.

  • My own liquid black soap
This is a mix I conjured and I am absolutely loving it! It leaves my hair soft and my scalp clean.


I condition my hair once every week once every 3 weeks after deep conditioning my hair. My conditioning sessions give my hair much needed moisture and strength.

  • Belherbal  Bamboo and Wheat Conditioner for dry and damaged hair  My homemade conditioner
I love this product. It leaves my hair so moisturized and strengthened that it's silly. I've tried a few commercial conditioners and this one is by far, my hair's favorite.

Deep Conditioner

I also deep condition once every week once every 3 weeks and my main goal when deep conditioning is moisture. I have tried a number of deep conditioning recipes and I have to say my coconut milk deep conditioner and my conditioner-EVOO-Honey mix are my favorites.


I normally moisturize my hair at least once a day just to give it some moisture and shine. 

  • My own daily moisturizing mix
  • Water
I do not use water alone, I always use it with a sealant or with my own daily moisturizing mix or with both. Using it alone dries out my hair terribly.


I seal my hair after every wash and try to do it again at least once during the week. I find my hair reacts strangely with oils alone so I do not seal only with oils though I have tried castor oil which worked fine.

  • (My sealing butter mix) 
  • (My shiny butter mix)

Styling Aids

  • My homemade coconut gel
  • My homemade edge sleeker
  • Homemade leave in conditioner

  • Pree-poo
I pre treat my hair before even shampooing it to fortify it and prepare it for the washing to come.
    • My pre-poo mix

  • Protein treatment
My hair can get very protein-deficient so I am always on the look out so as to prevent breakage
    • ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment

  • Scalp Treatment
My scalp gets dry after a wash so I use my homemade scalp oil to oil it at least once a week. This lasts until he next wash. Not only does this oil prevent dry scalp, it also prevents itchy scalp to a certain degree, and promotes growth!
    • Homemade Scalp oil

Okay so this is how it is :

- I do not wash my hair once every week anymore because : I don't need to. I do not put a lot of products in my hair, I do not use products with cones and I have never suffered from build up so why wash every week? I have found that my hair does great when I leave it longer than a week in between washes. Whats more, I don't really have the time anymore to be doing weekly washes.

- I do not use the Belherbal conditioner anymore because : recently, it has not been as moisturizing as usual and has somewhat left my hair hard. I think this is partly because of the protein and right now, my hair's protein level is okay. I use my own conditioner now and when I do get to use Belherbal again (I still have a full bottle) I'll also use my own conditioner just for the extra moisture.

- I don't moisturize "at least once a day" anymore because : well, it depends on my hair. I do moisturize at least once a day for maybe three days after wash day, just to keep my hair from going dry but after that, my moisture levels stay high so I do not need to keep moisturizing

- I don't really "seal" my hair anymore because : it hasn't been working so well for me. I don't "seal" per se but my leave in conditioner does have sealing properties. After months of using oils and butters to seal, I have found that sealing is not really for me : most of the time, my hair just comes out oily and sometimes hard and even dry. When it comes to "trapping the moisture", which is what sealing is all about, for me, humectants are enough. The sealing method is a very relevant way of keeping your hair moisturized but it has not been working so well for me. I do sometimes seal my ends when protective styling and use my sealing butter for shine but not for "sealing" as such.

- I now use a leave in conditioner because : I need one. After months of trial and error, I have finally found that I do need a leave in conditioner and I have found the perfect one. This leave in conditioner helps retain gained moisture from my wash and even adds more moisture itself. I also use it before protective styling.

- I do not oil my scalp anymore because : it is not necessary at all. The last time I did this, I realized I was just heaping oils on my scalp for nothing. One, my scalp is not dry, two, it is so inconvenient to sleep on wash day because of the scent of the oils and because the oils run down my scalp, three, my hair grows just fine! I feel this is a time wasting (and oils wasting) part in my regimen because it is just not necessary. I have therefore stopped and will only oil my scalp lightly with one particular oil (like olive oil) if I notice any dryness on my scalp.

That's it!

Please note and remember that this is my experience and you should try things out for yourself before ruling them out. Please avoid jumping on bandwagons and keep yourself informed.

What are your experiences with your hair regimen? Have you made any changes (whether small or drastic) during these last few months?

Stay blessed and funky sisters! 


  1. I have made some changes. I'm starting to change and replace some products that I use now in my regimen because I'm trying to be more frugal. Updates def coming very soon!


  2. Great info sis! I also eliminated a lot of "oiling" my scalp as well, the only time I will do this is right after I wash and I only use coconut oil because it is extremely light and my hair eats it up! I keep hearing about the Aphogee protein treatment and I think I got one when I was relaxed but I'm interested in how it works for us kinky girls?

  3. @Precious : I totally understand what you mean about being frugal!! Can't wait for the updates.

    @Kiianah : Ah yes, coconut oil is great for oiling! The ApHogee 2 step protein treatment works great on us natural divas too! If ever you need major protein boost, I recommend it (I have been trying to do a review on it).

  4. I have made major changes that are very simple. I also am not doing weekly washes anymore. I wash every two to three weeks. I moisturize as needed with a simple mix of hibiscus and horsetail infused water, aloe vera juice and coconut oil. My hair has never been stronger and shinier. I use more home made conditioners as they just work miracles better on my hair. I never oiled my scalp as I feel like the oil will clog my pores. I am taking supplements and hydrating myself more. I am so serious about growth and length.My hair has never grown past below my ears, and that's due to breakage. I just want to see how much healthy hair I can grow.

  5. The hibiscus and horsetail moisturizer sounds yummy! I also prefer homemade products by far! I see what you mean about growth and length but your hair regimen sounds great!! Thanks for sharing sis!

  6. I stopped "sealing" and "daily moisture" a while ago. It was overkill for my hair. I seal my ends only and I moisturize every 5-6 days(wash days). Leave in conditioner is my best friend. I use Shea Moisture DTM.

    I've made some changes:
    -keeping hair in stretched styles (braid/twist outs)
    -washing in loosley twisted sections
    -no more DCing
    -sealing ends of braid/twists (for braid/twist outs) w/ shea butter

  7. Hi Anonymous! I get what you mean by "overkill". Leave in conditioner has also become a great asset for my hair. I am yet to try Shea Moisture, but I have heard some great things about it. I have also started putting my hair in twists regularly, it not only protects my hair but helps keeps my hair tangleLESS for wash day. I adopted finger detangling last year and I am not looking back. I have tried washing in twisted sections but found my hair too short. By the grace of God, once my hair grows out more, I will be trying it again. I would love to know how you get away with not deep conditioning though...please share!
    Thanks for passing by sis!


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