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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Focus on...[Hot] Oil Treatments : My Experience


I remember the first time I did an oil treatment. It was at the beginning, very beginning in fact, of this journey and it started out as a hot oil treatment but the oil cooled as I was still applying it. That first time, I used a mix of olive oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil for my hair and then applied some palm oil to my ends. The results were great! My hair was soft, moisturized and strengthened! No doubt, I got the results I'd heard so many women talk about but applying it to my hair was a mess!

Even after the application, after I'd put my hair in a plastic cap, I had oil running down the sides of my face and my back for the fourty-five minutes I waited. It was a huge mess! The worst one of all was the palm oil : if you know palm oil, then you'd know that it's reddish orange and leaves orange stains on any kind of fabric it touches. I already knew this though so I wore an old t-shirt but while I was applying it and after washing my hair, I nearly didn't recognize my bathroom! There were orange stains everywhere! Again, no doubt the treatment was great on my hair but that experience traumatized me so much I said "not anymore!"

I did repeat that treatment one more time before finally stopping it. I only just recently did a hot oil treatment again, only with olive oil and coconut oil and it was also great. I left it on overnight and well, it was runny but thanks to a lot of tissues, two plastic bags and a beanie and a big towel, I was able to sleep without getting oil all over my face. I was happy with the results but I believe it's better to apply the oil when it's quite hot because when I started the application, my hair suddenly felt so soft at the touch of the hot oil but this feeling lessened as the oil cooled. 

I will be integrating hot oil treatments into my regimen and continue them regularly. I think they are especially great during this winter season and helps prevent dry and brittle hair. Play with your favorite oils to know the best one for you but it would be best to choose one that can penetrate the hair shaft like coconut oil or olive oil. You can also add essential oils (remember to consult a physician or do ample research before using any essential oil) and see what works best for you. According to me though, olive oil and coconut oil are the best to use. When it comes to palm oil, this oil is great for the ends and even the whole hair if you don't mind the mess but that's another post altogether.

If your hair cannot really work with oils, that is, if applying oil to your hair just makes it oily and makes your hair dry, like it does mine, then this are one of the best ways to use oils and benefit from their strengthening and conditioning properties. 


  1. Palm Oil? Really...Wow!!! You learn something new everyday.

    I also love coconut and olive oil as well. They both work great for my hair


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