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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Focus on...Finger Detangling


When I first started my natural hair journey, combing was a very active part of it, from styling to detangling, to maintaining a style. Looking back now, I cannot believe I used to comb my hair so much. It was only when I started experiencing some serious damage, that I decided to put in review my use of combs. I went from detangling with a wide tooth comb, to a denman brush but I found they were all more or less too harsh for my hair. Nevertheless, I tried, I really tried to fit combs in my hair regimen, especially while detangling but they just didn't do it for me as they did for other natural divas. Right now, I can say I have not run any comb (or brush) through my strands now for at least four months.

So, how has my detangling sessions been going? Well, I have been using my fingers. This is called, the finger detangling method. This is an easy and quick method, if you are doing it right and using the right products, and minimizes breakage tremendously

Okay then, let's lay out the facts about this finger detangling method :

How do you do it?

Finger detangling is really quite easy and all you need are your fingers. When you are ready to detangle your hair, separate your hair in parts and detangle each section separately. When you are ready to detangle a particular section, only take part of that section and start from there; do not attempt to do the whole section at once! To begin the process, gently run your fingers through your strands in a vertical manner as if your fingers are the teeth of a comb. When you encounter a knot, or tangle, stop and take time to untangle that particular section. Once you are done, run your fingers through your strands again and continue this process until you can freely run your fingers through (without stopping to work through a tangle).

When do you do it?

It depends on your hair routine. Use the finger detangling method whenever you are ready to detangle your hair.

What should you avoid doing?

- Avoid being pulling your hair running your fingers through it rapidly

- Avoid working with a lot of hair at a time : The truth of the matter is, the smaller the number of strands you work with at a time, the faster it is and the better the results and let's not forget the less chances you have of causing any damage.

- Avoid broken nails : if you have a broken nail, avoid detangling before cutting it off because strands can attach to the broken nail and you can pull these strands out while working through your hair without even knowing it

- Avoid using anything else in your hair but conditioner while finger detangling : this means, the only thing you should have in your hair is a good conditioner. This is because, the conditioner coats your hair and makes detangling easier, while keeping your hair from any damage, in fact, a conditioner is a sort of shock absorber to our hair during our detangling sessions. Do not try finger detangling under the shower because the water will wash the conditioner away and do not do it on your hair alone, no matter how wet your hair is.

Any tips?

- I have noticed that, when I wear protective styles in between washes, finger detangling becomes a breeze. This is easy to understand though, because protective styles such as flat twists (and co.) help stretch the hair and stretching the hair minimizes tangles. If wearing twists and any such protective styles is not an active part of your hair regimen then do no worry, you can braid/twist your hair in large sections before going to bed on the night before wash day to stretch your hair a bit.

- Being gentle is key. Even if you are not using a comb, finger detangling can still be harsh when done without enough care. Be gentle and patient and you'll reap the results.

- Take time. Do not try rushing through a detangling process because you might end up causing more bad that good and later find out, while styling, that your hair has some terrible knots you might not be able to undo.

That's it for my input. Please, if you are presently following another technique of detangling and it's working great for you, then stick with it, but it your present technique is not yielding good results, I strongly recommend the finger detangling method.

Do you have any additions, suggestions or an experience, please share!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. This is how i detangle my hair. I have been completely natural for about a month and some days or so..and I've been detangling with my fingers. Even when i was transitioning, this is how I did it. My hair isn't that longs, so I don't need to do sections. I jus co-wash in the shower and detangle that way. I haven't used a comb on my hair since maybe November..This method is the best

  2. Love this post! Great suggestions! I too have started doing more finger detangling and I (like you) love this technique! Great post!

  3. I love finger detangling! It's the best method I've found to detangle. I haven't touched a comb in weeks.

    My Thoughts:
    -It really does minimize breakage--my ends stay in good condition for a longer period of time thanks to finger detangling.
    -I find it easier when my hair is in stretched styles (braid outs, flat twist outs, etc).
    -I use an aloe vera gel/castor oil mix to finger detangle. This mix has AMAZING slip.

  4. Hi Jess! Congratulations on your new natural hair journey. You are right, this method is the best!
    Thanks for passing by and following sis!

  5. Hey Robyn's Nest! Thanks for stopping by and following!! Finger detangling is really that great! Thanks again sis!

  6. Hi Anonymous. Those are great points you stated there! Your mix sounds really great, if you have a recipe, we would love it if you shared it with us!
    Thanks again sis!

  7. @Funbi: Thanks! I just mixed stff w/out measuring. Here's the blog post I got the idea from: (http://aunaturale007.blogspot.com/2010/09/pre-poohow-to-get-moisture-drenched.html) BTW you can use aloe vera gel or juice.

  8. OK great!! Thanks a lot for sharing!
    God bless!


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