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- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thinking Of Going Natural? : Reasons Women Take The Big Leap


Hi ladies!

Are you thinking of going natural but you are not sure or you are afraid and nervous of the outcome? Or do you know someone who is in this situation?
Well guess what, the decision to go natural is not something most women come up with overnight. Neither do they easily seal the decision as you would easily decide what outfit to wear to work on the next day or what to eat for dinner.

Here is a list of the most popular reasons why women decide to take the big leap to go natural.

1. Damage

According to all the stories I've heard, damage from relaxers is the number one reason why most women decide to leave their God-given hair the way it is. Damage can come in many forms : It could be damage to the scalp (burns, thus stunting hair growth) or damage to the hair itself (while relaxing, the hair structure can be greatly damage and this causes serious breakage). Another source of damage are weaves /wigs/extensions, if done too often or wrongly. Weaves/wigs/extensions are mainly damaging to the hairline. These different types of damage are not only terrible for hair growth and a healthy hair regimen but they can also be permanent so much so that the best thing to do  is to just cut off all the damaged hair. Unfortunately, while damaged hair can be cut off, a damaged scalp and hair line will need time, treatment and patience to recover.

2. Versatility

Some women grow bored of their permed hair and seek the versatility of natural hair. Many naturals (including myself) testify to the versatility of natural hair (even without any extensions or whatever) so no wonder some decide to take the big leap and embrace their natural hair.

3. Love of natural hair

Other women just love their natural hair, especially those that have already been natural once and experienced being natural. They love the coils, kinks and the coarseness of their natural God-given hair.

4. Frustration

A number of women are actually frustrated with their permed hair. This is especially true for those that just cannot seem to never grow their hair past a certain length or that cannot get their hair as healthy enough even though they do not suffer from any apparent damage or even those that are tired of hiding their hair away under weaves, wigs and all sorts.

5. Information/Advice

Some women decide to go natural because someone advised them to. It could be their stylist, or a friend or a family member and thinking they have nothing to loose, they take the leap. Others do it because they've heard so much about going natural and the benefits therefore they decide to go natural.

6. Other naturals

Believe it or not but when other women see natural women rocking their hair, they are some what inspired to go natural themselves. When they see a natural diva rocking a twist out for example, they might become interested in natural hair, do some research and decide to go natural hair.

These are some of the most common reasons why some women decide to go natural. If you are thinking of going natural, please share why you are considering it and if you are already natural do share why you took the big leap.

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Hi. Thanks for the post. I am a natural hair starter. I hv been working on nuturing my natural hair about a year but it hasn't been easy cuz sometimes I leave it natural then the next minute its relaxed simply b'cus my natural hair is not long to be let out wvout weave or attachment. I will appreciate a step by step procedure on how to keep a natural hair. Thanks.

  2. That's Funby for sharing such a great blog with us and you will really give a great reason for women that's why they go to going natural.
    Going Natural

  3. one day i was watching a video ( since i watch hair care videos a lot) and this woman was talking about how she put jojoba oil in her hair and then washes it out. That's it. That's why I went natural. Once she said that, I felt so jealous and I really wanted to wash my hair whenever I wanted.

  4. wait im not natural yet though I'm transitioning. I've been transitioning for 6 months and I'm planning on continuing for 2 years


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