"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year. New Realities

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A New year is a great opportunity to start afresh and reconsider past mistakes, making sure not to make the same twice. Many people embark on a journey of "new year resolutions", I myself have taken the route many times but found myself detouring into my old paths again.

Rather discouraging isn't it?

This year, I have made up my mind to change some certain things in my life. Yes I am resolved but these are not just resolutions, they are what I call the near realities. I am tired of broken promises and unfinished projects, by the grace of God these are the things I want to change in my life :

- My weight
This is not the first time I am making the decision but this time there is no going back. I have been quite comfortable with my body only until recently. My decision is not based on anything but my personal feelings. I do not yet have a goal but my primary objective is to start eating and exercising healthily

- The people I surround myself with
For too long have found myself, at one point of the other in my life, with a number of people that brought me down in one way or the other. Sometimes it's unintentionally and sometimes they are just purely negative people. People like that bring out nothing in me and challenge me in no way, both spiritually or psychologically. I have made up my mind to move with people that encourage me, that are positive and that I can feel free and alive around

- My thoughts
This pertains to everything concerning my life. Sometimes I think somethings and then I feel the Spirit telling me it's wrong. Sometimes I let dark, negative thoughts seize me but enough it enough, I will not let any thought control me anymore.

- My desires
I am generally not a vain person but I do find myself wanting somethings I know are totally pointless! A new wardrobe, phone or whatever else is out there will not be on my top list anymore. My Lord will suffice all my needs!

- My relationship Christ
Last year I grew closer to God but at this level God has put me on, I need to go farther. If I do not get a new Bible (this time with the NIV translation) soon I will be reading from the internet and trying to step-up my prayer life. I will also be aspiring to go to weekly prayer meetings at least twice a week and all night prayers at least once in 2 months.

- My studying habits
If you know the Bible well, you will know God's will for us is not to be average at all. I am tired (and even bored!) of being average! I have decided to mount up and to soar like God wants me too, even in my studies.

- My relationship with others
I realized a lot of things near the end of the last year, one of them is: I am lucky to have the people I have around me. I have therefore resolved never to take my loved ones for granted!  I also want to be an ear, a shoulder and a hand to anyone that needs it. I am determined to look past whatever I might be feeling to look around to see those in need.

- My attitude
During 2010, I complained a number of times and I even got angry more than twice that. I now realize this is not the will of God for me and that our attitudes decides our altitude. I am working towards being much more patient, quiet and more understanding.

- The state of my hair
My goal, which I am working towards right now, is to have a head full of healthy hair. To do that I am going to listen to my hair, be gentle, follow my hair regimen and gather more knowledge.

- The way I treat my things
I have noticed recently that I have not been treating my possessions carefully. For example, my laptop and some of my clothes. These are all things I've bought with the money God has given, the better I use them, the more they will last. No more 'property abuse'!

There you have it!

What are some of your aspirations for the new year?

Stay blessed and funky sisters!

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