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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mixology : Homemade Protein Treatment


Hey divas!

After finding out my hair was protein deficient last year I did my research to know what the best protein treatment was. After gathering a few facts, I concluded I was going to start off by trying the Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment but unfortunately, my local beauty store did not have it at the time. Being urgently in need of a protein treatment, I decided to whip something up  It really boosted the general health of my hair and I was surprised it worked out so well. Although I still needed a major protein treat at the time (my hair was in such a state) and I ended up using the Aphogee protein I still use this protein mix regularly to keep my protein levels up.

Here's the recipe :

8.5 oz/250 ml of Soya Milk (either pure or mixed with banana or something like that. Try to avoid the ones that contain synthetic aromas and sugar)

4 generous tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 generous tbsp of Molasses (100% pure)

2 tbsp of guar gum

2 drops of Tea tree Essential Oil 

3 drops of Ajowan essential oil

Directions : add all the ingredients and mix with a hand mixer until a homogenous mix is obtained.

Now when I am ready to use it, I take 4 generous tbsp of it into a container then add 1 egg and I mix everything together. 

I then put the rest in the freezer until the next use. When I am ready to use it, I put it out and let it melt for the night before wash day. I never put it in the microwave!

So why these products?

Soy milk is filled with proteins and other numerous nutrients.

Olive oil is known to strengthen and condition the hair

Guar gum thickens the mix. It was terrible applying the mix and maintaining it under my plastic cap when it was runny

Tea tree and Ajowan essential oils are great for preserving the mix. That is my main reason for using them. Please do not use essential oils without proper research and without asking a trained physician for advice. You do not have to use the essential oils; you can use any preservative in their stead. You don't have to add a preservative but in that case divide the mix into the amounts you will use at a time so you will not need to leave the mix out to melt at each time and you'll have to use it up in two weeks, three max.

I am definitely going to try and improve on this mix and I'll definitely keep you update ;)

Well that's it for now. What are your protein treatment recipes? Do tell! And if you decide to use this one, do share how it turned out!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Thanks so much for this post. I did not know about the Guar Gum. When I do egg treatments at home, it runs as well. Is Guar Gum sold at whole foods? Is Soya Milk powdered or liquid?, what brand do you use? I will love to try this recipe. I love home made protein treatments!!!!

  2. Hi Sis! You are very welcome. I get my guar gum online but I've heard that you can get it in an indian store. Try whole foods though, you never know. Soya milk comes in both forms, powdered and liquid. The liquid is the best and would have less to no synthetic components. Over here, I bought mine at a health store (UrbanBio) and the mark is EcoMil. Seriously, I just grabbed the first one I saw without any sugar or synthetic aromas. I hope that helps! Please do not hesitate to ask more questions if you have any.

  3. Great post sis, you have some of the best hair recipes! I have heard of Guar gum but would you recommend Xanthum gum if I don't have any guar available?

  4. Thanks Kiianah!! Guar gum and xanthum gum have practically the same properties, but guar gum has conditioning properties. I did not use guar gum for the conditioning properties but just to thicken the mix. I don't use xanthum gum as a thickener (but for other things) because it's a little bit more pricey than guar gum so YES you can totally use it instead of guar gum but xanthum gum works best when the mix is heated. To use xanthum gum put the mix over boiling water to heat it up. And try starting with little amounts of xanthum gum because it might get too thick. I hope that helps!


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