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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hair Update : Tried Something New

Hi ladies!

Last night, I decided to try something I'd never done before : leave a regular conditioner in my hair.
I know I have never mentioned this here but I am finding it hard finding an actual leave-in conditioner. I have made some leave.in conditioners of my own but I still haven't found the one. lol. Get what I mean? 

It is no joke or exaggeration when I say my hair is so DRY. What works for other natural when it comes to moisturizing does not always do it for me and sometimes, this can be so frustrating. I am no products junkie and I aspire to make my own products but the times I  have bought products I was careful to buy the ones I 'd heard so many good reviews on but unfortunately, what another natural found "very moisturizing" was very stiffening for me. Of course it's normal. What works best for someone might be someone else's poison. Something like that...It's one thing moisturizing my hair with DCs and the rest but it's another thing altogether keeping the moisture levels up in between washes. It has somewhat worsened lately so I did some research and decided to try the regular conditioner thing. 

Here's what I did :

- I got a nearly empty bottle of my regular conditioner (there was only about a tbsp's worth of conditioner left)
- added about 125ml/4oz of water to the conditioner, a tsp each of coconut oil and olive oil, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil
- I shook the contents of the bottle to mix them up
-  I poured the contents to an empty spray bottle and I applied to wet DRY hair
- Then sealed with hair butter

At first my hair felt moisturized but then little by little, my scalp started itching like wow! I'd already read about this so I'd braced myself.  The itching got worse when I lay down on my bed to sleep. On the next day the itching had decreased but my hair was once again dry! During the day, the itching reappeared! 

At first, I'd been skeptical about using this method because I was not sure about leaving a regular conditioner in my hair but I was careful to check my conditioner and there are no harmful ingredients, most of the ingredients are derived from plants or are natural, there aren't a lot of ingredients, there aren't any surfactants in it but it contains protein and I read an article once that says protein makes the scalp itch. I must say, I am quite disappointed and don't want to try it again (at least any time soon) because one, it didn't really moisturize and two, it itched too much!!!

I am going to wash it out tomorrow (even though wash day was a few days ago) and see how it goes! I Just want to stop this itching!

Have you ever tried this method? Do you have any tips, ideas or some love to share? Please, go ahead and share!

Stay blessed and funky sisters!


  1. Hey! I'm sorry your first try at this didn't work too well for you. I have tried buying leave-in conditioners before but they never left my hair feeling moisturized. I've found that my best bet is to leave in a bit of regular conditioner after I co-wash. I use Hello Hydration. I've begun adding a little bit of conditioner, water, olive oil, and tea tree oil to a spray bottle and using this as a leave-in but I haven't decided if I like it much. Good luck next time.

  2. Hi sis! Thanks for stopping by!
    Same here with the whole leave-in conditioner thing. They always seem to be too light or they just leave my hair stiff and hard. I've heard a lot of good things about Hello Hydration but I am yet to try it myself. I do believe the conditioner was my problem...
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Funbi,
    so sorry for that experience. I know it can be frustrating to find the perfect leave in for your hair. Keep on experimenting. Have u tried knot today mixed with oils and aloe vera juice?.
    And you know what, your hair may just be dry and you have to keep moisturizing. That's the type of hair I have. I have come to terms with it!!!
    All the best sis!!!

  4. like tinuke said, I think you should try mixing aloe vera juice in your mixtures. Also have you tried applying unrefined shea butter to wet hair? It works for me

  5. @ TInuke No I haven't tried knot today. I am so hesitant about spending on so many products and to find that they do not work for me...lol I got this from past experiences but I am planning on trying it by the grae of God in the near future. Yes my hair does need CONSTANT moisturizing but I haven't seen it this DRY in some time.
    Thanks for your input sis!! You are always of help!

    @ Sweet Evasion Yes I have tried adding Ale Vera juice in my daily moisturizer but it didn't seem to do anything but I am going to try that experiment again! Oh yes! My hair Loooooves shea butter, during the summer, shea butter alone in my hair after a wash was al good but now during the colder months, it's not really enough, unless my hair has been super moisturized through the wash! Shea butter and aloe vera gel are the best!
    Thanks sis for your helpful input! God bless!


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