"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hair Update : Hair Blues


Hi everyone! I hope all is well.

I wanted to share with you the experience I had with my hair on Saturday.
That day, I finally got the chance to wash out the leave in conditioner I had made from my regular conditioner from my hair and cleanse my scalp ( no more itching!!). I sped up the washing and treating that night because one, I did not have so much time on my hands and two, it was not my wash day. I did everything to get my hair moisturized, from mixing my regular conditioner with olive oil to sealing my after washing. Well, guess what, half way damp, my hair felt so dry and all of a sudden so oily! This had never happened to me before! I tried to moisturize with my moisturizing spritz, my buttercreme...to no avail. Then I tried styling my hair but I was OUT of ideas. Actually, I was so hopeless I thought I'd try two strand twists. I did half of my head and then decided to take them out! About one hour wasted, just like that! I was so frustrated that night and TIRED! I could not understand why my hair was soooo dry! All of a sudden, the products I normally use didn't seem to want to work wit my hair! Y'all should have seen me that night...The Lord sure did...I'm not at all someone to give up. This whole natural hair journey has been huge proof of that, at least to those that are around me but that night, I was just so tired of it all, tired of trying, tired of my energy going to waste...

Then a thought I had not really given a time of day to came to my mind. I' never really imagined I could imagine such a thing but that night I was thinking twice. I was actually thinking of shaving my hair off and starting all over again.

Yes, you read right, shaving it all off. I thought about the possibilities, and liberty...but then these thoughts came to me :
a. I would have to start from scratch what I had worked so hard to build
b. People would think I was giving up which I would definitely not be doing! But this thought doesn't really hold because at the end of it all, I don't care anymore what people think.
c. If I ran away from the problem this time, wouldn't it come up again and again and again?

Well...It was a mess...I would love to shave it all off but looking back that night at the efforts and energy...all to go down the drain...I thought no no...I couldn't.

In the midst of my frustration and my thoughts I ran across this video and I am telling you ladies, it was like this woman had read my mind or (me hers lol if you know what I mean). She more or less explains what I felt on that night (except for the perming her hair parts! For me, a perm is not an option or a solution whatsoever neither do I believe natural hair is only for a selected few!!!


I guess you get the picture now. I was glad I had someone to relate, though this video is old now. I do hope she is feeling better with her hair, whatever she choose to do. Somehow the video made me feel a bit better. I resolved to just leaving my hair as it is now. I do moisturize everyday but it's as dry as the cold air outside lol. 

I believe my hair is so hard to please lol. I'd already mentioned in my last Hair Update post that most commercial product (in fact I only use one commercial product) do not work well for my hair. This is okay with me though but it's like my hair is taking me for a ride here...

I am determined to work this out once and for all...I'll try to observe, note and learn from what I did and try to get my hair back in the game.

This is your girl pouring it all out to you.

 Stay blessed and funky!


  1. Aww sis, I know what you mean. I think we all may get to a point of frustration at some point along this journey. The good thing is that you aren't giving up! When my hair feels extra dry, I usually deep condition overnight or damp my hair and add some coconut milk, natural oils, any deep conditioner and Talia Waajid's healing oil and bag overnight. My hair always feels so soft after I rinse it out. It may be worth a try ;)

  2. Thanks so much sis for the encouraging words! I am thinking of doing some super duper deep conditioning treat! I have never actually used Taliah Waajid but I've been wanting to. Thanks again for the advice, it definitely means a lot!


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