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Friday, January 7, 2011

Beauty Tips: Milk and Black Soap Cleansing Method

A few months ago, near the end of August, I started a new 'Facial cleansing' routine. At first, I was just experimenting, but when I saw the results, I was quite surprised. You see, before I started using this method, I had a number of spots and  pimples on my face but right now, those pimples are gone and the spots already faded.

Here's what I did:

1.  I stopped using my make-up remover : I found it benefited me in no way, apart from remove make-up. In fact, I had two at the time. One was in liquid form and the other was a wet wipe. I'd stopped using the liquid one before introducing the wet wipes to my routine. I actually suspect this particular cleanser had something to do with my pimples.

2. I use warm milk to remove my make-up : yes you heard me. By now, I'm sure you are thinking I post too many weird things on this blog (lol ^^) but hey, this is how it happened. I warm about 2 tbsp of warm milk in the microwave (a few seconds will do). Be careful to test the temperature before applying it or you could burn yourself!!! This is how I use it: I take a large cotton pad and dad it into the milk (not too much) then I use this to gently clean my face. I do this until nearly all the make-up is removed (normally everything comes off except for some eye-liner and mascara) and I use only use 2 pads.

3. I wash my face with black soap : After cleansing with the milk, I rinse my face with some warm water. Then I apply some black soap (I have a mix that is intended just for this purpose) first on my hands then to my face. I do this by gently rubbing the soap all over my face in circular motions (I try to avoid my eyes because as you all know, black soap stings like wow).  Sometimes, instead of using my fingers, I use a sponge and this serves as a great exfoliating method.After about a minute, I rinse with lukewarm water. I continue rinsing my face while slowly changing the temperature of the water from lukewarm to cold. And that's it. I finish up by cleaning my face with a towel and applying some of my body butter to my face.

This routine takes under ten minutes. But why these products? Well, milk is great because not only does it help cleanse make-up but it also contains vitamins (A and D) that are great for the complexion, proteins and lactic acid (that helps exfoliate the skin). Why I ever considered using milk as a cleanser (apart from the fact that I really wanted a natural alternative to my cleansers at the time) is due to a Youtuber : Missmeteor. Not only does she make videos about her beautiful natural hair, she also has great beauty tips (so check her out). Please be careful to wash every single trace of milk on your face so as to prevent bacterial growth!
I decided to use black soap after the milk because black soap is a great cleanser and my mix also moisturizes well, I just thought it fit to use it after the milk.

I use warm water at the beginning (and warm milk) to open my pores so the dirt (and anything else I don't want there) can easily be removed. I use cold water for the last wash to close the pores.
Not only does my skin feels smooth and silky, but also hydrated.

Well that's my experience!  I hope this has been helpful to someone ;)

Stay blessed and funky Sisters!

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