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- Psalms 27 : 1

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Want To Keep My Coils!

Hi everyone!

Have you ever heard about natural hair relaxers or at least non-harmful so called "curl looseners"?  Well, the first time I saw a video on YouTube entitled something like "Natural homemade relaxer" I was thinking to myself, "just another crazy rumor going around..."

Until....A few days ago....

Sometime last month, or maybe the month before, while styling, I suddenly noticed that some of my strands (near the ends, not the root), were not as coily as they should be,  in fact, I noticed some where quite straight for natural hair, not as straight as permed hair but most of the coils where gone  and the strands barely had any spring to them and the few coils left on each strand were very loose. At the time, I brushed this off and thought it was probably something I put in my hair or something...

Well...I continued noticing such strands and a few days ago, I stumbled upon an article that stated the fact that coconut milk could straighten hair!!!

I was shocked when I read this...but I wasn't totally  convinced so I decided to do some research...At the end of it all I found coconut milk did have permanent straightening properties to hair (even natural hair!) and it was included in every single "hair natural straightener" I came upon.

Ladies, let me say that I was shocked!! Why? Well because:

One, I have been using coconut milk for my DCs for months now (one a week) and had just started incorporating coconut milk in my leave in mix more than two months ago!!

Two, the only culprit I could tie my "loosening coils" to was coconut milk.

Again, I was shocked! My beautiful natural hair was being straightened! The idea freaked me out, yes it did. I love my hair the way it is, no matter how "tightly coiled" or whatever, the end of it all is that it is the hair God gave me. I have absolutely nothing against straightening my hair temporarily (in fact I'm thinking of doing it for Christmas :]) but doing it permanently (again my hair is not STRAIGHT but a very small number of my strands have lost some of their spring, coil or whatever you want to call it) I do not want to do, even if it's in a natural way. My going natural is not just about having healthy hair and leaving the relaxer and every other thing that harmed my hair but also about embracing what God has given me.  I do not ever want to alter it but leave it as God has made it.

Three, the first two points led to a decision: I had to stop using coconut milk. But hold up! Coconut milk has been one of my hair staples for... nearly as long as I have been natural and I love what it did to my hair in terms of moisture and strength but I do not like the idea of it straightening my hair in any way. If ever I wanted to straighten my hair in that way, I want to be able to control it and monitor it.

So for now, my hair is taking a break from coconut milk. I have stopped using my "coconut milk" leave in mix and for the first time in a very long time, I did not DC with coconut milk this week.

I still love coconut milk but until I gather more information about it's straightening properties and monitor how my hair does without it, I will not be using it regularly again. I do plan on using it once in a while in the near future...

So naturals, take it from me, coconut milk does loosen your curl, even without the whole lime mix thing I've been hearing about. BUT this is the reaction my hair had to it. Nobody's hair is exactly the same, so test it and observe if your hair reacts the same way.

PLEASE DO NOT jump on any bandwagons without sufficient knowledge about how your hair reacts to a certain product, treatment etc. What happened to me might not happen to you or vice versa.

Have you ever experienced the same thing with coconut milk or any other staples you've been using?

Stay blessed sisters


  1. wow!!! Thanks for posting this. I never know this about Coconut Milk. I hope you find an alternative to it.


  2. It's my pleasure sister. And yes, I hope my hair get's it's benefit from my other products.

    Stay blessed


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