"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Rock My Twists!

Hi ladies! It's your girl DatFunkyFro again.

This morning, as God would have it, I got up early (which was actually great because I'd fallen asleep last night before doing all things I'd wanted to do) and after doing all my necessary school assignments, I got to work with my hair. I'd been meaning to put it up in a protective style but just could not find the best one that fitted my hair length and features. Most protective styles I would love to rock (like the cinnabun) demand length my hair does not have right now and most of the styles I come up with always look...strange (at least I think so) and barely suitable to wear out (though I have been bold enough to wear a few of them out).
I'd been wearing my hair under berets and beanies for about two weeks now but I was tired of it and I was afraid I'd damage my just recovering hair line in time. But I was determined and I'm still determined to put my hair in protective styles during this winter, at least a few days at a time, in between washes. 

So I stand there in front of my mirror this morning, thinking...what to do? I'd already nursed the idea of doing two strand twists but I was not sure if I was bold enough to do them. The thing is that, I'd already done two strand twists (twice) but always took them down immediately after (total waste of time) because at both times, I'd thought I looked horrible with them. 

Well this time, I was not backing down. I'd already seen other natural rocking their two-strand twists even with short hair! That proves the length could not be the problem, I'd told myself. It had to be how I did them and how I accepted the way I looked (yes, self-acceptance has been and still is a major part of my natural hair journey).

So I started out with the front and saw that the twists weren't so bad. Then I undid them because I thought they were too small therefore I started all over again. 
Well to cut it all short...It took me about one hour to finish (thank God I didn't have any classes early that morning) and voilà!

I like them, though I am still fighting to accept the look. I did get some looks today but I don't mind. A friend actually complimented me on them at school and that is encouraging. The thing that really makes me happy is to know that my hair is getting a break. I am not sure I will be wearing them again tomorrow, if not, then I'll undo them and wear a twist out. Whatever the case is, I'll let you ladies know.

Tell me what you think sisters, 

many blessings.

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