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Friday, December 31, 2010

Beauty Tips: Black Soap body wash

I mentioned previously that I had a black soap mix. I love this mixture and as I'd also stated, the whole house is using it. The first time I made one was when my parents visited Nigeria earlier this year and my mom brought back some black soap. This black soap was quite different from all the other ones I'd ever bought: for one, it was black, not brown and it wasn't as solid as the other ones.

Well, my mom got the idea to make a mix. She'd brought what she called 'osun' (not pronounced oshun) in Yoruba. I do not know what the translation is in english (forgive me) but we mixed some of it with the black soap, some water, honey, shea butter (you can leave this out but it is a very nice component) and some coconut oil. And voilĂ !

I only use this mix for my body the one I use for my hair is a whole other story. This mix works well. It cleanses without stripping, soothes, moisturizes and leaves your body smelling heavenly. Any type of black soap is okay. You can add some essential oils if you like (please only use them after consulting a doctor or someone that can guide you) and any other oils of your choice. Do not add too much water or else it will be too runny. I like mine thick. Be careful not to add too much oil. I mix all the ingredients in such a way that the mix still looks like black soap.

I doubt the 'osun' can be found here but my mom says it is great for bathing and even for creams nonetheless you can make the mix without it. Once I find out what it is in english, I will be updating ;)

Have fun mixing and tell me how it goes ;)


  1. i have a spray bottle with some diluted black soap that just has black soap and water. do you think it wouldn't turn out great if i added a moisturizing body wash with it? my dilution is never the same..i just eye ball it so sometimes they concoction doesn't lather as great on my whole skin as i'd like it to. i feel adding a body wash will include the black soap goodness and also have more spreadability as well as moisturization

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

    First of all, if you want lather from back soap, do not dilute it so much. Try using only enough water to make the mix thick but not so runny (if you get what I mean). Secondly, if you still want to add another body wash, be careful which one you put because some contain drying and useless ingredients. Thirdly, black soap is moisturizing and great by it's self. I'd advice you to use it alone and not in a spray bottle because it would be too runny. If you want your mix to be more moisturizing, add some oils, like coconut oil and olive oil and put the mix in a pump bottle instead. Well, I really hope that helps, it you have more questions please do not hesitate to ask them and you can also email me.
    God bless

  3. My own black soap mix is the osun(which is camwood or african sandalwood by the way), shea butter and cocoa butter(melted)sometimes,coconut oil,lots of honey(for moisturizing),almod oil and glycerine.I feel beautiful and refreshed afterwards. U can also add sulphur which is good for ppl with acne etc.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing sis!
      God bless you


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