"The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?"

- Psalms 27 : 1

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My 'No-Comb' Regimen


Hey natural queens!

Been gone a few days now but I'm back today to introduce you to one of the changes I've made to my hair regimen: no combs/brushes.

Yes, no combs. I am currently on a 'no-comb' routine and I've been on it now for about two weeks. I decided to stop using my wide-tooth comb about a month or so ago because it was causing more damage to my hair than good. Each time I detangled with it, I experienced more breakage than usual (and I was experiencing some serious breakage at the time and was still fighting to balance my hair regimen out) so I decided to give it a try and stop using it. I'd already heard about natural divas that went comb-less and managed it fine but after a few weeks I decided to re-introduce the comb to my hair regimen. 
But this time, for detangling I tried a new denman brush I'd just bought. This denman brush was great, well at least I thought at the time, but after one session of detangling with it ( I put the brush down halfway through detangling) I decided never again. 
Why? The brush was too harsh and caused some breakage. 
Now I know you might be thinking I was not gentle enough and I thought the same thing but I parted little section, started at the end and detangled (with a lot of conditioner!) as gently as I could...But...it didn't work out. Quite frankly, I love the idea of using a denman brush, or a wide tooth comb because I've heard how so many naturals can't do without them, in fact I still eye the paddle brushes when I go shopping. 
But for the sake of my hair, I decided to put them down for now. I might start using them again, after I've attained my goal for 100% healthy hair. 
I still used my Afro-pick comb after I made my decision but just to separate my hair after taking down some flat-twists and I did this very gently. I barely do this anymore and I don't think I will be doing it continuing.
Another brush I still use and will keep using is my very faithful 100% boar bristle brush. I only use this brush for my edges and do this as gently as I can and I have never experience breakage with it.
And what about detangling now? Right now, I use my fingers to detangle and it's working great!! It's faster than I thought and very easy. Breakage has definitely lessened ever since I gave up my wide tooth comb and my denman brush and my hair is so thankful!

All this to say, listen to your hair and you'll see the changes :)

Stay blessed sisters



  1. I try to keep the combs out of my hair and only use when I'm styling to seperate those stubborn pieces. I've been experiencing a lot of breakage, which I think comes from those beloved beanies I can't seem to put down. I think the Denman brush is better for longer hair, my hair is shorter than yours and it didn't work out too well for me. It did the same thing my fingers could do with less "pull".

  2. Hi Kiianah! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, sometimes combs could be a necessary styling tool especially for us still rocking our short hair. OH how I also love my beanies and berets too! I've been wearing them for days now. I braid my hair, then wear my satin bonnet before putting on a beanie or beret and that helps with breakage. I also agree that the denman is much better for longer hair and I might probably be revisiting it when my hair grows out.

  3. I totally agree with you!! I have stopped using combs too. I finally realized that my fingers do a really good job detangling my hair.I,like you, also put on my satin bonnet before wearing a beanie, makes a huge difference.
    Have a blessed day sister!!

  4. Hey Tinuke, thank you for the comment. Yes, I was amazed at how well my fingers detangled my hair the first time I tried! Yes to the satin bonnet and beanie combination!
    Thanks sis, blessed day to you too!


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